Shinpo Co., Ltd. (Nagoya) has the No. 1 share of smokeless Yakiniku grills in Japan

Ambrosia, Shanghai-China

Celebrities in Shanghai flock to high-class restaurants. 
Elegance, cleanliness, and satisfaction -- That's Shinpo! 
Data: The building was constructed in 1920 as a residence for a French banker.
In 1991, the building renovated entirely and returned as Ambrosia (The God of Food).
From the beginning of operations, 39 Shinpo grills have been in use. The heat source is gas.
Aloof from the concerns about filth, odor, and getting burned,
the restaurant has established its top status among celebrities in Shanghai.
Managers go all out to create an atmosphere of elegance.

A wedding in Shanghai at this establishment is a status symbol. This is proof that a wedding at this restaurant is a memory for life. Many guests for lunch arrive at the restaurant in expensive cars. The white exterior with a beautiful, well-maintained garden is the perfect backdrop for foreign cars. “The "Japanese Lunch Buffet" is very popular. Japanese cuisine is well established as a health food among Shanghai celebrities.
A private room, where a table was set up for ten people. If smoke and greasy odors fill such an elegant room, it would be rude to guests. This Top Ring is not damaged or rusted even after ten years of use. The shine of brand new products creates elegance and cleanliness. Even for parties for children, there is no worry about getting burned with Shinpo's Top Ring since it does not get hot.
The staff is adroit when serving guests. Elaborate but swift movements guarantees an exquisite dining experience. The dirty net should be changed. Staff always pay attention to the table and change the nets before being asked by guests. A private room with bright tones and a clean atmosphere does not permit greasy filth.

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