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Kanpai, Taipei-Taiwan

1. People are still queuing up at 9:00 pm on a Saturday night.
2. Staff enjoy the festive atmosphere, in Kanpai's own style.
3.Guests are energized from the conviviality.
4.Guests perk up and feel happy.
Kanpai, the flagship restaurant Kanpai with wine Kanpai Zhongshan The bar at Kanpai
Kanpai is run very efficiently. Because the company revises strategies repeatedly, the restaurant can offer easy-to-understand guestsfriendly services. Four eateries that I visited have produced the intended results from management. A name like "Kanpai" completely embodies the company's concept. The Kanpai Group uses Shinpo Yakiniku grill equipment at all their establishments. The reason is simple. "Because Shinpo grills can be used free of worry." Reliance on grill equipment allows managers to focus on services. This is the equation to realize a successful business.

Kanpai, the flagship restaurant
Young people are drawn to the eatery as soon as it opens. Staff welcome guests with warm smiles. After working part-time, she became a full-time employee.

Tables are full with reservations within 30 minutes after Kanpai opens. The entire restaurant livens up before the sun goes down.
Kanpai with wine
The entrance is crowded with people who confirm their reservations and rendezvous with friends.   There are many guests in their late 20s with steady incomes, just as management intended.

  The staff takes pictures for guests. They celebrate special ocassions at this restaurant.
Kanpai Zhongshan
At 7:30 pm, crowds of people wait at the entrance.   Excitement fills the entire restaurant.Being part of the fun energizes guests.

  Around 9:00 pm, there is still a queue outside.
The bar at Kanpai
Despite a plain entrance design, the interior has warm atmosphere.   A young guest in the neiborhood area came to the bar with his childhood friend. Management has targeted this age group..   Guests toasted Shinpo staff who came from Tokyo to take a look at this restaurant. This created a huge buzz among diners..

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