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Anno Farm Fuzhou City-China

" Restaurant with the best quality
and hospitality in China "
The dream of an exchange student in Japan
comes true five years later.

April 3, 2007--- Ms. Li began a part-time job at a Yakiniku restaurant that changed her life. Because the hourly wage was high, Ms. Li applied on a whim for a part-time job at a Yakiniku establishment in Kyushu. On her first day, she went to the restaurant after college classes. When she breathed in the mouthwatering Yakiniku aroma, it was a brand new experience for her. "I unconsciously breathed very deeply, as if I wanted to keep the Yakiniku aroma in bottle." Ms. Li was also surprised to see customers requesting many dishes in a short time. "The guests seemed to truely love Yakiniku and savored every bite." From this moment, her study of Yakiniku began. She originally wanted the part-time job to earn money, but it turned into a classroom, with guests becoming the teachers.

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Because Ms. Li wanted guests to experience genuine hospitality, she invited the best experts to train her staff in table service. She aims to operate the best restaurant in China with gracious, Japanese-style hospitality. .
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As she learned that cleanliness is the foundation of hospitality in Japan, she set up an open kitchen near the entrance hall and explains why there is an open kitchen near the entrance. Ms. Li believes Yakiniku is the embodiment of Japanese cuisine due to the beautiful arrangement of dishes. However, it is a challenge to have her chefs learn this sense of beauty and often works in the kitchen herself
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The restaurant features video equipment that allows guests to enjoy their own movies while dining.At her part-time job in Kyushu, she learned that laughter stimulates the appetite   The eatery in Kyushu where she worked part-time used Shinpo grills. When it came time for her own restaurant, the choice was simple: Shinpo grills.

  Ms. Li believes that rest rooms are part of guest space. She furnished her restaurant with high-quality fixtures from Japan so guests could have a pleasant time in the rest rooms.

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