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Sorabol, Hong Kong-China

Being listed in the Michelin Guide (2011 and 2013)
with a "fork and knife" designation was
a reward for our efforts to pursue the essence of Korean cuisine.

Usually we don't enage in self-promotion, but a guest suggested that we do more in this area. As a result, I created a poster about being recognized in the Michelin Guide.

Hong Kong Grand Cuisie Award 2012. Award-winning chefs.

"It has been 20 years since we came to Hong Kong. Since then, we've seen a number of restaurants close their doors. We have pursued the flavors of Korean cuisine wthout compromising. If We served dishes catering to the palates of local residents, guests would stop patronizing our restaurants. Authentic taste may take time to be accepted by diners, but it will always gain recognition. Sorabol Hong Kong learned about Sorabol being listed in the Michelin Guide from guests. The pursuit of genuine cuisine costs a lot and is not so profitable."
  Hong Kong,
A weekday, 7:00 pm. Tables begin to fill with guests. In particular, seating with spectacular views from the 18th floor is popular.
  Numerous awards are displayed on the left side of the entrance at the Hong Kong restaurant.
  Airport Branch   Vegetable Farm
      In order to serve safe, high-quality vegetables, Mr. Shin established his own farm on Mount Loufu in Guandong Province. Needless to say, all these vegetables are organic. We grow Perilla ocimoides, a type of basil, which is indispensable in Korean cuisine. Since it is labor-intensive, profitability is not good. However, in order to serve guests authentic Korean flavors, we have to do this.
  Marinated short ribs (karbi) are a popular dish. The ribs are slit so they are infused with the sauce. Sorabol started this technique and it has spread to other Korean restaurants in Hong Kong.   Wheat noodles for pot dishes are made from imported Korean flour. Locally produced flour lacks a firm texture, and guests are well aware of this. Sorabol offers genuine Korean food---the restaurant cannot disappoint the expectations of our guests.
*Sorabol has used Shinpo grills since we opened 20 years ago. Because the eatery is smoke-free, we can welcome guests such as politicians, actors, and other VIPs without worry. The restaurant was even used as a location for a Pepsi TV commercial.

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