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Umai Main Shop, Taichung, Taiwan

Loyal employees.
This popular restaurant has a turn over of five times a day.
What is the key to success?
One evening, the restaurant was closed because of an epic typhoon.
Employees still came to the eatery, worrying if there would be any problems about opening for business the next day.

This Newsletter reported on the popularity of Umai in June, 2012.
When we visited in July, 2013, the bustling restaurant was packed with diners throughout the day.
It seems that employees are even more enthusiastic.
All Yakiniku restaurant owners yearn for this kind of continued success.
What is the secret?
The answer is Mr. Kim, president of the company, who is admired by many employees.
The reasons are--- .
Mr. Kim, 33 years old, listens to everyone carefully, and speaks in a thoughtful manner when answering questions.   Umai is located in the Lichia Royal Garden Hotel. Hotel management is very pleased with the restaurant, as the number of young people visiting the hotel has increased, thanks to Umai.   Even on weekdays, seats are filled with guests who have reservations. Diners of all ages flock to the restaurant to savor Yakiniku dishes.

Employees are very efficient in their movements, and handle their tasks profressionally based on 100% teamwork. A sense of unity is found throughout the establishment. .   This woman is doing more than required by the manual to clean the rest rooms.   With longer conversations with guests, staff wil get down on a knee to speak politely to the guest at eye level.
<Secrets to Success>
Mr. Kim talks to individual employees every day to check on their physical and mental condition. With close communication, most operational problems can be solved. Because of his calm demeaner, employees can talk about themselves honestly and openly. Therefore, the secret to success is Mr. Kim's virtuous character.
≪Second shop≫
This eatery fronts the busiest street in Taichung. The building is small, but stands out because of an eye-catching exterior. This second restaurant is smaller than the flagship establishment, creating an intimate space for diners. The first restaurant is mostly for groups while this second location targets couples.

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