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Yoshi, Shenzhen-China

A prime location in a gourmet park.
Reputation has spread by word of mouth.
A promising start - table turnover is 4 times a day.
When you headed back to the plaza after the fountain performance, a red neon sign and guests dining inside the restaurant caught your eye.

Mr. Wang, the president, has carefully worked out a marketing strategy. He has planned to open the first Yakiniku restaurant in Sea World, a gourmet park. Residents in Shenzhen have looked forward to the completion of this re-development project. After a presentation to the developer, who was looking for restaurants that could attract many customers, Mr. Wang sucessfully secured an ideal location: the second floor of a building that faces busy streets that link an event space (featuring fountain shows) to the central plaza. Mr.Wang has studied Yakiniku for two years and his strategy will come to fruition with the grand opening of this restaurant on December 20, 2013.
Mr. Wang conducted training for employees using a video provided by Shinpo. He believes that showing guests how to enjoy Yakiniku is the key to success. Mr. Wang (on the right)

A thick stack of customer checks proves tables are turned over 4 times a day

Misuji (lower shoulder beef) recommended by Mr. Wang has earned high marks from guests. Mr. Wang's desire is for guests to enjoy many different cuts of beef, and guests are savoring the cuisine at this eatery.

  Staff serve plates of beef after confirming that grill temperature has reached 340℃ using thermoscopes. This gives guests a visual tip on how to enjoy a delicious meal.

At Sea Word's central plaza, there is a fine collection of restaurants from around the world, creating a Disneyland-type atmosphere.  
Mr. Wang checks orders handed to him from young guests waiting in line. Guests who understand how to enjoy Yakiniku place orders one after another. The new customers he expected are flocking to the popular eatery.

Yakiniku with wine is also a novel dining style in China, inspired by imported wine.

The second level is partitioned with folding doors so that diners can chat comfortably and not be bothered by noise from nearby groups.

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