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Sura Korean Cuisine : Vancouver - Canada

"After establishing an upscale image for the flagship restaurant,
Mr. Kim took the bold step to diversify his business
and opened his second restaurant specializing in Yakiniku.

For Mr. Kim, (34) president of the company, opening a second restaurant was a critical decision that would test his management skills as a young restaurant entrepreneur. His ambition to open another eatery at a shopping mall in Richmond outside of Vancouver, BC came true in December, 2013 thanks to a chef who had demonstrated outstanding skills in Korean cuisine at the first restaurant.
Richmond is 20 minutes away from downtown Vancouver by monorail, the 4th stop from the airport. With convenient access via public transportation, Richmond is a popular residential area among the well-to-do and middle class. Due to emerging Asian economies, the number of Asian residents is growing.
Aberdeen Centre is a shopping mall adjacent to the Aberdeen SkyTrain station.   Thanks to an entrance that connects to the station, the restaurant is open during the evening, after the mall closes.   Since there are no partitions, the spacious restaurant floor can be viewed from the plaza.  
I wanted to offer quality Yakiniku, which is found only at Sura.
I would also like our guests to enjoy the distinctive, rich flavor of beef.

The master chef stood out as a chef in his 20's. He prepared royal cuisine for "Dae Jang Geum," a TV drama that was successful even in Japan. Scenes where a number of beautiful dishes were spread out created a sensation among viewers. He won the Korean Cuisine World Competetion in 2004. Invited by Mr. Kim, president of Sura, he took the position as master chef in 2008. He adopted Shinpo grills based on his belief that beef's savoriness cannot be brough out without high heat. It is Sura's mission to meet the expectations of guests who aspire to enjoy authentic cooking and offer delicate dishes that incorporate the essence of Korean royal cuisine to food afficianados in Vancouver.
"Sura" means Korean palace cuisine that was established during the Joseon Dynasty. Photo on the left is a short rib. The dynamic arrangement on the plate stimulates the appetites of diners. Photo on the right shows ox tongue. The elaborate presentation makes the dishes look like tuna sushi.

Highly regarded in Vancouver, Sura has received the Gold Medal in "Best of the City Dining" for five consecutive years. The flagship restaurant is located just outside of downtown Vancouver. In stark contrast to the inviting casual atmosphere, the restaurant offers authentic Korean royal cusine.

Sura's royal dishes have convinced patrons that a beautiful presentation promises a fantastic meal. Because a vice president of the mall company was a regular customer at this restaurant, the opening of the second restaurant moved ahead smoothly.

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