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Good Cow : Sūzhōu - China

Work nurtures and motivates employees,
and customers sense the enthusiam of staff.

After several years of effort by a young man and his friends who love the restaurant business,
a new style of Yakiniku restaurant, GoodCow, opened on May 17, 2013.
The restaurant has expanded to six outlets in highly competitive Shanghai and Beijing in just two years.
It is the enthusiam of individual employees that drives the company to expand across China.
.Branch Location
1.嘉定博乐路店 上海市嘉定区
3.常熟捞品城店 江苏省常熟市
4.苏州印象城店 江苏省苏州市吴中区
5.西单老佛爷店 北京市西城区
6.北京佳艺广场店 北京市朝阳区
7.本社 上海市闵行区宜山路

You Zhong Hui, president
”Many of our employees are from rural areas. Since I'm from Fuzhou, I have placed the importance on providing them with a warm, pleasant working environment. I aim to make our company a place where employees cooperate with each other and can grow as people. "
"Because we believe communication inside the company is critical, we hired Chen Jian Hong, a communication specialist, as the training manager. Ms.Chen Jian Hong, who was an announcer when he was a student, teaches communication skills to our staff."
Chen Jian Hong, manager
I think that a good job gives people a sense of fulfillment and helps them recognize their own growth. As a person in charge of training, I am aware of the great responsibility placed on me, and I am proud of this. I support the employees with all my might so they can work like a family and enjoy working at the restaurant.
Lin Lei ( executive chef)
I studied basic culinary skills under a Japanese chef. I still visit him frequently to learn other techniques and create new menu items.
For a vegetable salad, I use dressing that is not oily but one that refreshes customers' pallets. I developed a sherbet juice which is served together with dessert, inspired by Calpis, a Japanese beverage. This juice has been a huge hit, and two female patrons consumed 30 glasses of the juice. Our Yakiniku is delicious but we continue our efforts to remain innovative.
When the first eatery opened two years ago, I worked as an executive chef. Now I am supervising all six restaurant as an executive chef. This restaurant has a lot of regular customers with diverse expectations. I would like to work together with young chefs to create dishes that are ahead of customers' expectations. I am looking forward to seeing GoodCow expand across China.

Two years working at GoodCow helped me grow as a person, and I want to grow even more. If I did not work for GoodCow, I would not have dreamed of inviting my parents, who live in Shandong, to Shanghai. If one of our staff asks for a leave of absence to return to his or her hometown, we hold a send-off party.
Zheng Chuan Zhou (25 years old,
two years of work experience)

A guest came earlier and sat alone, waiting for his dining companions to arrive. When I saw him pick up a 1.8 liter bottle of sake, I immediately got anxious that dust on the bottle might get on his hand and give him a bad impression of this restaurant. In particular, Japanese sake is a popular item, so I have to pay extra attention to clean the bottles. However, this is not included in our cleaning manual.
I can feel that I grew so much in the past two years as a person. When I started working here, I found it annoying to see other staff who did not work as hard as me. But now I an more laid back.
I take pleasure in seeng customers having a good time. I used to work for an air-conditioner manufacturer, but I beliveve the restaurant business suits me just fine.
  Wang Shan Xu, Assistant General Manager
When I graduated from junior high school and got a job at a restaurant, my parents strongly opposed it, saying that I would quit soon. They worried so much, however, they saw my growth every time I returned home. Now they are very supportive. I would like to invite my parents, who live in Shandong, to GoodCow's year-end party in the near future. I would like them to savor GoodCow's Yakiniku. If I didn't work at this restaurant, I would not have even thought about having my parents visit me.
Working at GoodCow never gets boring; there is no set routine. We have to think amd use our ingenuity repeatedly. We constantly think about the preferences and mood of customers to ensure they have an enjoyable time. If we fall into a routine, the restaurant will go out of business. I like to demonstrate my creativity in parts of the job where there is no manual. In the future, I would like to be a regional manager.
  Lu Qi Biao, General Manager
I think my work place is my home. When a co-worker says they want to quit, I will thorougly investigate the reason. I will also ask where they will work after they leave GoodCow.
When employees want to suddenly return to their hometowns, we hold send-off parties. We wait for them to return to the restaurant after spending quality time in their hometowns.
I don't think it is selfish to return to one's hometown and I don't give them the cold shoulder. This is because there was a time when I was homesick.
Employees are more like brothers and sisters. There are many problems that we have to work together to solve. Naturally, this strengthens our teamwork. We can grow as people through cooperation. Work is not just a place to earn a living. .

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