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Yakiniku Tatsujin : Shanghai - China

Without the development of employees, the company would not prosper.
A Yakiniku restaurant has opened in Shanghai. It executes perfectly what is expected and provides more detailed Japanese-style service.
The Joy of Developing Together.
Ms. Sharon Chen, wife of the president, found that she is a perfect fit for the service business (rather than finance, which was her college major) from a part-time job at Starbucks. She loves communicating with people and teaching them things. At the restaurant, Ms. Chen is in charge of training the staff in customer service and knows the growth stages of all 120 employees, both full-time and part-time. She gives training in accordance with each employee's growth stage. Ms. Zhao, the woman on the left, is in her seventh year of working at the restaurant and manages four outlets.

Mr. Li, as president, implements what he wanted his previous employer to put into practice.
After working at Wang Steak, Taiwan's leading high-end steakhouse chain for 10 years, at the age of 29, Mr.Li Yulong set up his own company with his wife using their own money to realize his ideal restaurant. He opened four outlets without borowing money. While his wife (Ms. Chen), who he met when he was a college student, is in charge of training, Mr. Li is in charge of the kitchen and management. Instructions and management decisions by a well-coordinated couple have earned the solid trust of employees, creating a sense of unity throughout the company. Their employees mature considerably through the work, and this improves guest service. As a result, sales increase. Employees are paid 20-30% higher than other companies in the same industry. When business is good, Mr. Li gives the profits back to employees as bonuses.
The secret of his management style is to steadily implement what his previous employer did not put into practice, although he expected that company to do so. It is also not to let his employees down but to create a workplace where they can be hopeful about future prosperity. Since this work is highly demanding, Mr. Li constantly keeps this in mind to provide an environment to help his employees grow.

Mr. Li Yulong,
founder and president
(36 years old)
Restaurant Seats Established
1. SOHO复兴店 71 April 2015
2.嘉杰广场店 110 May 2011
3.腾飞广场店 120 October 2009
4. 96广场店 90 December 2008


The Joys of Cleaning
Employees clean meticulously, even parts that are out of view so as to make guests return to the restaurant. They clean the legs of chairs with wet clothes every day. Employees have grown to love cleaning through this task.
  Embracing Change
Problems that crop up are discussed on the spot to solve them. Employees share the process of solving problems, their own worries, and their own joys. When employees transform themselves, they will be pleased with their development.i.
  A Detailed Manual
The Operating Manual is the restaurant's treasure. By executing duties daily, the manual has repeatedly been revised, and gives detailed instructions..

Recently, my friend said "You've changed."
Although Guan Yulan has only worked at the restaurant for two years, she has earned hign marks for customer service. Every day, she can feel that this job suits her more than her previous position, assembling electronic components. When guests appear not to enjoy a meal despite giving it her best, she humbly reflects upon herself that something was missing in her effort. Her friends recognize the maturity she has gained in this job.
  When stepping into the restaurant, you have a view of the entire dining room.The interior has a playful feel while a bracket-shaped table hangs from the ceiling in the center of the room. Although the floor lighting is dim, with tables illuminated by down lights, guests can easily see if meat on the grill is ready to eat and enjoy grilling meat on their own. A spacious modern interior design with a sense of luxury satisfies fashionable young diners. The atmosphere in this restaurant is different from other eateries that offer meat dishes. Since the restaurant is thoroughly cleaned, there is no greasy odor at all.

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