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Heat : Macau - China

Diners enjoy stand-up meals in a casual setting with imported beef
as well as crabs and lobsters fresh from a fish tank.
Large lobsters that just came in from Florida are added to the fish tank.

Rivals can't duplicate Heat's system.  
  1. Heat purchases high-end food materials in bulk when they go down in price to stabilize the cost of ingredients.
  2. In terms of expenses, the restaurant places more importance on ingredients and beverages than costs involving cooking.
  3. Emphasizing customer service with warm hospitality, the company trains its employees to take pleasure in attending to guests.
  1. The restaurant does not have fixed tables but has created a space where guests can relax and enjoy food and drinks to match their mood and preferences.
  2. Guests can freely move among tables of various sizes as well as the counter tops.
    The restaurant offers a variety of alcoholic beverages as well as top-shelf liquor
  3. However, the restaurant never reduces prices.
Limited start-up funds and a concept that other companies cannot imitate.
Holding a part-time at the age of 13,
he refined his cash flow acumen.

Jack Tien president/owner

 Mr. Tien, who lost his father at the age of three, learned a lot about life from part-time jobs rather than at school
His first part-time job was selling high-priced stamps on the street. Since part of the stamp sales went for donations, the price was two to three times more expensive than regular stamps. When a person told him to prove that the donations were really made, he got frustrated and asked the company to issue documents to prove that the donations were legitimate.
In his mid teens, he often peddled clothing on the street. He sold clothes from suite cases in front of department stores. Because he would get in trouble if he stayed in front of a department store for a long time, he made quick sales and moved on. Gradually, he became familiar with managers at the department stores.
He had poor grades at a vocational high school and teachers did not like him. With a comment from a teacher, "If you are frustrated and unhappy, prove you can make high grades," he studied hard and became the best student in his class year. When a teacher suspected that he cheated on a test, the teacher made him write English words on the blackboard; his answers were perfect.
Thanks to part time jobs, he gained a keen eye on how people spend their money. He also saw the true colors of human beings. The wisdom he earned from these experiences has benefited his Yakiniku business.
The flagship restaurant was opened in December, 2012, when Mr. Tien was 28 years old. Since his own funds were limited, he ran this yakiniku restaurant his own way. He did not have money to hire a chef.
 He prepared four types of sauces and guests grilled meat as they liked. This experience taught him that warm hospitality and getting to know guests prevent complaints and create a pleasant atmosphere. Fortunately, there were few restaurants that offered such service in Macau and Hong Kong.
 However, gradually, competitors that imitated Mr. Tien's successful restaurant showed up. As these competitors stole away customers, profits of Mr.Tien's restaurant got thinner. In addition, the restaurant's finances were hurt by wild fluctuations in food material prices. Threrefore, Mr. Tien decided to set up a company to import food materials. After a lengthy application process, he got approval for his new business.
His own trading company allowed him to purchase ingredients from around the world in large quantity at low prices. Fish tanks were installed at all of his restaurants , where large lobsters, crabs, and luxury items are waiting to be served. 
Mr. Rians, 33, organized a party for this group of five. "We dine here once a month. There are no other restaurants in Macau that serve this kind of tasty BBQ . It is incredible that we can enjoy a seafood course with lobster and oysters for only 500 HKD," he said, looking very satisfied.
 The Pan family celebrates their oldest son's 8th birtday. "We have dined at the flagship restaurant many times. We love lobster. Today, we found a lobster set menu, and we have already savored two lobsters," said Mr. Pan, the father. "I had lobster for the first time, and never expected I would be eating lobster on my birthday," said the son, bursting with happiness.
A haven for workers from major banks
The Bank of China Macau Branch employees 2,000 people and is a regular client for the restaurant. The bank uses Heat almost every month for gatherings, from small groups to parties of 100 participants. Parties to welcome new workers and recognize workers with outstanding achievements are held by departments and branch offices. Althogh the Bank of China is the largest major bank, workers enjoy talking to each other while standing. All employees get along with each other and enjoy lively conversation. The dishes served animate this chatty atmosphere. For regular guests who know how to enjoy parties, Heat is the best venue where they can enjoy quality food in a casual setting.
(Above) The Pan family celebrates their oldest son's 8th birtday.
(Below) The display case of Japanese beef, including Kobe beef, makes a powerful impression on guests: this establishment serves high-quality BBQ.

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