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Kaisen Ichiba, Taichung, Taiwan

A High-end restaurant opened at a prime location in Taichung
with stiff competition for the Japanese BBQ business.
Photo1: Kaisen Ichiba, the second outlet, is located in the middle of luxury condominiums. With bamboo placed in the front of the restaurant as an accent using natural material, the exterior design gives off a sumptuous atmosphere. Since the restaurant stands on the corner of a major intersection, it can easily be seen from passing cars. In addition, a monorail station is under construction in front of the restaurant and will be completed soon. Photo 2: The sushi counter is full at 7:00 pm on a Tuesday. Photo 3: All tables for four people in the Japanese BBQ section are full. Photo 4: Tables for six people are also full. Photo 5: The lobby is crowded with guests waiting for their reservations.
"Because this location is so good,
I did not want to let competitors get it.
I really want to succeed here."
Director of Marketing
Mr. Zhang Yi Yang
The Shikisai Group operates food service businesses specializing in Japanese cuisine. "Todoya" is an izakaya (Japanese style pub) and "Ichizen" serves eel dishes. Although we have " Yakiniku Ichiba" as a Japanese BBQ restaurant, "Kaisen Ichiba" was established so that guests can enjoy both seafood and meat dishes. Basically, one restaurant for one brand.。
 The owner of the Group is a chef who has trained under Japanese chefs for a long time. He loves Japanese food and frequently travels to Japan to study cuisine. The first restaurant he opened was a small izakaya. Since then, he has pursued Japanese food that matches the tastes of Taiwanese diners.  This is Kaisen Ichiba, the second outlet. "When I found out about this location, I thought 'I didn't want to let it slip through my fingers.' In this neighborhood, there are many condos where wealthy families live. Also, a monorail station in front of the restaurant will soon be completed. We decided to open a restaurant at this ideal location that would become a showcase for the Shikisai Group."
 For the flagship Kaisen Ichiba restaurant, we could not use Shinpo grills due to a lack of funds. But for the second eatery, this wasn't an issue. In order to have guests savor Japanese BBQ, Shinpo grills were critical. Thanks to Shinpo grills, business is good. The restaurant opened in December, 2015 right before Christmas. It has been only three months since the grand opening, and families and young people in this neighborhood are dining at our restaurant. On weekends, the lobby is crowded with guests waiting for their reservations.

Every food item, including meat and seafood , is fresh.
A wide variety of items - Japanese BBQ,
hot pot dishes, and sushi
王 唏(42 years old)
"This is my 4th time to dine at this restaurant. I love this rich variety of menu items such as sushi and seafood and everything is fresh. Also, we can savor authentic ingredients at this restaurant. I like the grilling service from the staff; they grill the food to perfection. I used to go to other Japanese BBQ restaurants before, since there are many good eatries in Taichung. However, since I can enjoy not only Japanese BBQ but seafood and sushi, I have become a regular customer. When I eat out, I usually enjoy hot pot dishes or Japanese cuisine. When I want to drink alcohol, I savor Japanese BBQ. I work for a securities firm and live ten minutes by car.

  Restaurant Name Seats Opened:
1 老乾杯市政店 112 Nov. 2011
2 うまい1号店 171 Dec. 2011
3 乾杯 98 Apr. 2013
4 牧島本店 94 Nov. 2013
5 うまい2号店 168 Jun. 2014
6 焼肉風間 150 Jul. 2015
7 海鮮市場 462 Dec. 2015
8 肉肉焼肉 96 Feb. 2016
9 昭日堂 272 Mar. 2016

Taichung: A battleground for the Japanese BBQ business where large scale eatries are being established one after another. 
"Shinpo grills are used in all the outlets listed above. Since guests expect Japanese-style BBQ, which is different from conventional BBQ, Kaisen Ichiba #2 cannot be competitive without Shinpo grills. This is why the second restaurant installed Shinpo grills but the flagship eatery did not. While competitors offer tasty grilled meat, we cannot serve inferior cuisine." All outlets in Taichung are large scale and the restaurant size is bigger than in Taipei. There is an increasing number of investors who are looking at Japanese BBQ as a promising food service business.

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