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WagyuOne, Melbourne, Australia

An authentic Japanese BBQ restaurant serving Australian Wagyu beef
opens in Melbourne!

 When I strolled around Sydney and Melbourne, the word "Wagyu" caught my eye - it is conspicuously written on menus next to hamburgers and steaks. When asked about it, locals explained that Wagyu is gaining popularity for its savory taste. Wagyu was developed by crossbreeding Japanese cattle and was established as brand of beef - not only in Australia but also in the Asia, where there is high demand for fine beef. As Wagyu is popular even in China (with the world's second largest GDP), Chinese tourists who visit Melbourne flock to Wagyu One, which is located near Chinatown.
 Mr. Yukitoshi Maeda, manager (on the left in the photo above), explained, "Customers come to our restaurant thinking we are a Japanese restaurant at first. After studying the menu, they order Wagyu BBQ. Quite a few guests ask us if the staff grills the meat or guests grill the meat. We explain how to grill meat and which sauce is the best match for each particular meat. It pleases me to see guests happily leaving the restaurant, saying, " I didn't know beef could be this tasty!"
 According to Mr. Eric Lau, a co-founder (on the righ in the photo above), "I established Wagyu One, hoping to start a restaurant that no other company could copy. I believe that no other restaurant can offer premium cuts that can be procured only in small amounts from Wagyu. We have created a business partnership network over many years. With cooporation from ranch owners who support Wagyu One's business philosophy, we could open an authentic Wagyu restaurant."
 BBQ is already established in the food culture of Australia. Shinpo grills make it possible for people in Australia to enjoy smokeless indoor Japanese BBQ and sizzling beef with sauces they choose. There is no doubt that savory beef griiled over an open flame offers wider BBQ options. Japanese culinary techniques make dramatic changes for beef dishes. Wagyu One is at the epicenter for this new taste of beef spreading through Australia.

<Beef assortment on a large platter ($80)>
Clockwise, from upper right:
Premium Sirloin
Ramp Cap
Scotch Fillet
Chock Rib
Oyster Blade
OX Tongue
A rich variety of menu items is just like something you find in Japanese BBQ restaurants in Japan.

Mr. Wilton Baron
I work with businesses in the agricultural field at a Japanese-affiliated bank. Of course, I'm dealing with beef, too. Wagyu One serves the best quality beef with the highest marbling grades. The size of the grilling surface is ideal. If the surface is larger than this, grilling capacity will be lower. On the other hand, if the surface is smaller, the meat will be cooked quickly and diners will be busy eating. )
Mr. Owen Harradine
First, I was interested in Japanese animation and now I' m studying Japanese culture. Beef served at Wagyu One is refined and not greasy. I feel that beef served at other Japanese BBQ restaurants is too rich. I feel confident that this restaurant offers genuine Japanese dishes. I often dine here with my friends, maybe twice a week.

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