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Shonichi-do, Taichung, Taiwan

With sake barrels hanging from a six-meter high ceiling,
a more than 300-seat fine dining restaurant opened in Taichung!

The restaurant spent two years coming up with an elaborate design
and discussed with an architect more than 300 times.
 In Taichung, there is intense competition among Japanese BBQ restaurants, and one company established its flagship eatery in Taichung. In this crowded market, it is not easy to be a newcomer. "To thrive in this city, there is no room for error." Shonichi-do has embodied fine dining on a grand scale.
In the city of Taichung, development is expanding west from Taichung Station. The west side, where Shonichi-do opened, is in the middle of a building boom, with high-rise buildings, major department stores, and prestigious hotels. Shonichi-do is surrounded by luxury condominiums, and some of them are still under construction. With urban life featuring close proximity from home to work, white-collar families with a high income are attracted to this area.
Shonichi-do has targeted these upper and middle class families as well as corporate customers. The layout and interior were selected with the goal of making this Japanese BBQ restaurant a suitable place for business dining. The exquisite design was created by one of Taiwan's most famous architects, who won a design competition in China.
 In order to achieve the whole concept as much as possible, Shonichi-do discussed with the architect more than 300 times. By providing photos, Shonichi-do made their requests easy to understand. As a result, its business concept of "A fusion of Japanese style and Taiwanese accents" has reached a satisfactory level in both the design and menu.
The name Shonichi-do is symbolic of Japanese characteristics. Thanks to its strong image of high quality, "Made in Japan" is admired by upper and middle class white-collar families and business diners in Taiwan. A cavernous space created by using a four story building as a two floor restaurant is likely to captivate guests who want to savor Japanes BBQ in a comfortable setting. The design and menu are the perfect combination to impress someone special.
Bonsai trees are placed at the entrance (photo on the left) and the courtyard is modeled after a Japanese stone garden. Japanese elements are used as an underlying theme while modern accents are added. Group tables are on the second floor. A table with four grills can accommodate more than 20 guests. Between lunch and dinner, a manager holds a guest service training session.
Mr. Chen (40 years old)
"I live near this restaurant, and often drop in with co-workers or business associates. There is no other restaurant in Taichung that has high ceilings and such a sophisticated atmosphere. Today, I came with 16 people including basketball teammates and friends from high school. I am a manager for a sporting goods maker. Last month, my company held a tournament and invited 100 high school student participants to enjoy real Japanese BBQ at Shonichi-do. We rented out the entire second floor."
Ms. Huang (64 years old)
"It has been only three months since Shonichi-do opened, but I have dined here five times. I've lived in this neighborhood for 20 years and I am pleased that Shonichi-do opened because I can invite special guests for a nice meal. This is why I have come here five times. I love Japan and have traveled there several times. I really like the Japanese design here. Shonichi-do offers Japanese dishes incorporating Taiwanese tastes, and this is why I truly enjoy the meals."

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