Shinpo Co., Ltd. (Nagoya) has the No. 1 share of smokeless Yakiniku grills in Japan

Yakiniku-Douwa, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Planning to open 5 stores in Taipei and 20 in Taiwan
as well as 24 other Cafe operations in the US.

Bakery cafe “85℃”, Chinese pot cooking “Shinichi-Nabe”,Yakiniku restaurant “Yakiniku Douwa”,
all those varied businesses are successful.  What is the secret of this success?

 Could it be that the secret of the success of those varied operations, resides in the brand name resembling the business concept, leaving a strong impression on people ?
 Take the example of bakery cafe “85℃”. It is developing in the US much faster than in Taiwan. 24 stores were opened in the US including 14 in Los Angeles. It happened in only 3 years since expanding overseas. The name “85℃” derives from the best water temperature to make a good coffee. At first you would wonder about the meaning of it, but once you use the place, you will be convinced that it is the most appropriate, and you will not forget what this number means.
 The yakiniku restaurant name “Yakiniku Douwa” translates as enjoying communication while eating yakiniku. Actually, when you are in the restaurant, you will see that the interior is very much designed to entice people to chatting rather than focusing on the meal. The yakiniku meal is used as a prop for the conversation.
 Naturally, it doesn’t mean that the meal is not good. Two years before the opening, five chefs ate at all of the popular yakiniku restaurants in Taiwan, in order to invent the best original combination of meat parts and sauce.
 Nevertheless, taste and popularity don’t always agree with each other. Mr. Jian Chao Li the general manager explained that “We consider the restaurant as a place not only to enjoy meals but also as a place to make people enjoy a conversation”. Coffee, bread, Nabe, yakiniku, will be the tools to make anyone feel entertained. You cannot survive in the food-service industry relying on taste only. You have to create some specialties which competitors don’t have, so that you do not loose your customers .
 A good knowledge of deep human psychology marketing is the key to success.
Photo1; A wall of empty bottles lined up to the ceiling. Photo 2; Kirin beer poster from a few decades ago. “Under18 years of age cannot drink” written in Japanese. You will immediately see it at the entrance hall. Photo3; The bare concrete wall of the lounge is quite a different atmosphere from the yakiniku eating space where you can talk and relax after a meal for a change. Photo 4; A drink poured from an upside down bottle. Playful presentation. Photo 5; Ms. Tong Yuan Xiu in charge of personnel training and Mr. Jian Chao Li the general manager of the yakiniku business.
Xiao Jun Yue (28 years old)
Lin Ming Hui (20 years old)

The Japanese grilling on a metallic mesh makes it tastier than the Korean style plate grilling. In this restaurant not only the smoke of the grill is extracted but the flame is stabilized preventing the meat from burning
“85℃running 14 stores in Los Angeles are known as hosting people in que.

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