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YAKIYAN Los Angeles, USA

Panda Restaurant Group opens
Yakiniku restaurant in Los Angeles!
High quality yakiniku offered in an "omakase" chef's-choice style.
Affordable quality at a fixed price.
 Founded in 1973, Panda Restaurant Group is the largest restaurant chain in the United States to offer ethnic cuisine. With more than 2,000 outlets and concepts throughout the US, they have been opening new restaurants at a rate of more than one per week.
 This gourmet offshoot recently entered the yakiniku restaurant market. Being in the planning stage for more than two years, the first store had its soft opening in December, 2016. It has been gaining in popularity on a daily basis.
  "Our first store is nearly full everyday, and we have not done much advertising so far" stated the restaurant team leader. "Guests find being presented with high quality cuts of beef 'omakase style’ is very compelling. Usually, in most restaurants, people chose what they want off a menu. But at YAKIYAN, we offer the same set course meal to everyone. This makes it possible for us to maintain high quality, consistently. In the same spirit as our Chinese fast food restaurants, our mission here is to provide an extremely high quality dining experience within the reach of mainstream guests".

Photo 1. Because there are no partitions between tables, people are able to observe the other diners next to them—-how they are being served and how they are enjoying their food. This communal dining aspect adds to the total experience and satisfaction of people enjoying high quality beef together.
Photo 2. The restaurant’s outdoor dining area is also full. Americans enjoy eating outside, even if the temperature is a bit chilly. Photo 3. Servers carefully explain each dish to guests, adding to their appreciation and enjoyment. As each dish is explained, as it meets the guest's expectations, a bond of trust is built between them and Yakiyan. As such, the goal of Yakiyan is to build strong trusting relationships with their guests.
Photo 4. The strength of Panda’s corporate culture is that employees are encouraged to freely express their opinions and to learn from each other.

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