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Kauberu Japanese BBQ, Barcelona, Spain

At the sixth store, guests can enjoy
the pleasure of cooking for themselves.
Our customers are sensitive to noise, and expect a clean environment.
That is why we do not compromise on spending money
when it comes to investing in the "invisible elements."
 Seven establishments are flourishing and prospering in Barcelona. The target of the 6th restaurant, Kauberu Japanese BBQ, is the business customer. This is why we chose to locate in the vicinity of the International Exhibition Center which is in between the city of Barcelona and the international airport. In this area are also found leading manufacturers such as Minolta, and other hotels dedicated to serving an international clientele. provide an extremely high quality dining experience within the reach of mainstream guests".
 "We opened the restaurant in November 2016, with a focus on the business professional and international traveler. From there we have expanded our customer base. At the start, there would be Americans travelers who dined with us every day during their hotel stays. There would also be employees of international corporations who would bring their colleagues for lunch, and then return for dinner. I do not advertise. However, I have demonstrated that after opening five previous Japanese restaurants, if the food is delicious, the customers will find you."
 At Kauberu, customers discover the joys of cooking for themselves. All of the tables are yakiniku grills--the gas type. We chose grills that would quickly and efficiently remove the meat smoke from the air. Also, it was important that this process be as silent as possible. For this reason, we did not hesitate in making the investment in the highest quality smokeless grill equipment available.

 Our daily mission is to focus on complete customer satisfaction, not just the taste of the food. We always want to provide the most comfortable atmosphere and are sensitive to the customers' desire for food safety. I always check to see if customers leave any food on their plates, if go away with a smile, and if they choose to leave an additional tip (which is not customary).
 The founder became a chef at the age of 14 back home in Hangzhou, China, so cooking comes as second nature to me. However, on the other hand, I know how difficult it to please customers. In that regard, I work as hard as I can. Everything goes hand-in-hand. Restaurant goers in Barcelona are sensitive to ingredients and odors. They also value freshness, a sanitary environment, and a tranquil atmosphere. These are important factors to enhance a customer's total satisfaction.
Photo 1: The three key executives. Photo 2: Cleaning down to each corner, every day—even areas where customers have no contact. Photo 3: The kitchen floor where not one bit of garbage has fallen. Cleanliness comes first! Photo 4: The well organized equipment storage area. Even where the customer's eye cannot see, everything is in its place.

Photos 5 and 6: One of the popular menus"Curry de caracoles". After cooking a fresh shrimp on the grill, a customer spreads on Gamba roja al "miso" and partakes. Because one can experience the process of cooking, it makes the food feel more delicious. Photo 7: Kauberu is on the first floor of a high-rise building containing many internationally-owned enterprises. Photo 8: Close to the restaurant are Minolta and and many other leading companies. Also nearby are various hotels which cater to foreign visitors. Pilots and flight attendants are frequent guests. Photo 9: The International Exhibit Center is located five minutes away by foot. By focusing on this type of business clientele, the restaurant was able to be successful from the start.
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