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Lodestone Restaurant, Shenzhen, China

Starting as the president of an advertising agency, and later finding success in his dream yakiniku restaurant in Shenzhen, China.
"If I can't enjoy myself along with my customers, it's really not my own yakiniku place."
 "Drinking my favorite sake from my own favorite sake cup gives me a unique feeling that have never experienced before. The same goes for my friends and colleagues. That's why when we gather together at Xī Zhíshí, there is such an organic feeling to it. The same goes for the yakiniku and other dishes. At Xī Zhíshí Restaurant we have ingenious ways of pleasing the customer. And literally like a magnet, it draws them in. Every time I hear a customer's voice, it reminds me of initial intention of why I opened this place," according to the founder, Mr. Wang.
 Mr. Wang's original intention was to be able to enjoy the experience with his customers. This is the approach he took in the advertising industry and the same one he applies to his yakiniku business
 After failing in a restaurant he had run with friends, Mr. Wang was unable to give up the dream and set his sights on Shenzhen. This time he decided to do it all by himself. In his new venture he was able to control his own management philosophy, store design, shop name, logo, chef, customer service concept, dishes, ingredients, etc. Mr. Wang nominated as his main chef Mr. Xu KuangHeng, who washis best friend during his stay in Japan. Chef Xu had four years of experience in the yakiniku restaurant business in Japan.
 In his second attempt in Shenzhen, he was able to accomplish what he set out to do. "I did everything that I thought would be fun and interesting." At the same time, he maintains a humble approach to keep learning about how to improve the customers' enjoyment and continuously learns from their non-verbal teaching.
 As it turns out, there was a mix-up in the run-up to his opening. Shimpo had mistakenly sent him some wrong parts. But unlike other who might have gotten angry and thrown them in a box, Mr. Wang was kind and patient. He carefully packed up the parts and sent them back.
 Mr. Wang’s gracious and accommodating attitude is felt by both employees and customers, alike. "I see everything as a learning opportunity and I am gladdened by the opportunity to enjoy experiences together."
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