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Woo Lae Oak Washington, D.C., USA

Prized by locals in the Capitol area,
the restaurant hosts many heads of state.
After the talks between President Obama and President Lee, a Korean lunch was served. The atmosphere was very animated. President Obama ordered the Bulgogi   The private room (12 seats) where the President's talks were held. After the event, guests exiting the room spontaneously burst into applause. "I couldn't believe I was receiving such adulation from the President of the United States" said Yukio Park, president of the restaurant (inset photo).
In business for 34 years, its dedicated chefs and support staff,
plus its Shinpo smokeless grills have made it a well established institution.
 It is hard to predict the success of a restaurant when it is just starting out. But one that can survive for more than 10 years has something special going for it.
Woo Lae Oak got its start in Korea in 1946, opening shortly after the end of the War. It established its first store in the United States in 1976 in Los Angeles.
Offering a nostalgic taste of home, the store distinguished itself among the Koreans living in Los Angeles. It then expanded to New York, Chicago, and the Washington DC area. For Koreans who have immigrated to the United States, Woo Lae Oak has been a place to relax and feel reconnected to home. Currently, the store in Washington DC is the only one one in operation. The other stores in the larger cities have either been sold or shuttered.
The restaurant opened its doors in the Washington, DC area in 1983. The Arlington shop near downtown employed table-top grills. After relocating to the present location in Tyson’s Corner in 2005, the restaurant adopted Shinpo's smokeless grills. Tyson’s Corner is a suburban development area which is about 20 minutes drive from the city center.
Of the total of 150 seats in the restaurant, there are 37 general tables, an eight-person room, a twelve-person room, and two mid-sized dining rooms. The restaurant is divided into large and small rooms to be able to accommodate a wide range of
guests and events. Within its walls, you can sense the history of Woo Lae Oak which has been a pillar of the local Korean community for decades.
In October of 2011, President Obama suddenly appeared at the store. His party had made a reservation, but his name had not been disclosed. On that day, a large number of security guards showed up from out of the blue. "I couldn't figure out what was going on" stated Mr. Park, "and then I learned that we would be visited by the President!" Woo Lae Oak was chosen as the venue where President Obama would host President Lee Myung-bak to a Korean feast during his state visit to the United States.
The reason that Woo Lae Oak was chosen came from the recommendation of a White House staffer from Korea. By bringing 'down home' Korean cooking to the public, the store has become an anchor of the Korean community in the DC area, thus leading to it's role in hosting a presidential event.
In addition, Mrs. Clinton and other prominent Korean figures are known to frequent the establishment. However, the establishment's commitment to quality and service transcend all political and social bounds. Woo Lae Oak's 40 year history is a shining example of this.
Photo 1: The commemorative photo taken at the end of the 'dinner summit.' From left, Mrs. Park manager, President Obama, President Lee, Store President Park. President Obama was quoted as saying to Mr. Park, "The evening was like a well choreographed dance." Photo 2: Mrs. Clinton with a group of friends. Photo 3: Master Chef, Mr. JinBe Kim with 20 years of service. Photo 4: Staff members, the Diaz brothers: Orlando (left) with 20 years of service and Javier (right) with 13 years of service. The length of their collective service is testament to the close relationship they all have, and is one of the keys to their continued success. Photo 5: Of the total of 150 seats in the restaurant, there are 37 general tables, an eight-person room, a twelve-person room, and two mid-sized dining rooms..
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