Shinpo Co., Ltd. (Nagoya) has the No. 1 share of smokeless Yakiniku grills in Japan
Gyukaku, Beijing, China

We want to make the customer’s first experience at Japan’s Gyukaku
to be unforgettable, and we want to expand that service all over China.
There are a total of 26 employees, and each employee is an ambassador. The younger team members are responsible for this Gyukaku’s philosophy. “Creativity with inspiration—to bring smiles to customers’ faces.” If you are not smiling already, you will be; a genuine smile will win people’s hearts.i   It is not easy to create an atmosphere of excitement with customers; it is difficult even with one’s own personal efforts. It is important to connect with customers one-on-one. From there, we can create a bond of sharing; a place where people can leave their troubles behind. That’s why we believe that an ‘emotional connection’ should come first, and it is equally important as “inspired creativity.”

The aspiration of our team is to elevate ourselves as human beings
as we raise the quality of service.

  As I entered the Shibuya, Japan branch for the first time, stated Mr. Ma, president of Gyukaku Beijing, "I was surprised at the unison shouts of “Irashaimasse!” (welcome!)"
  Moreover, the shouts came from all the employees in at once--even from the back of the store. And all this happened while everyone was doing their own jobs.
President Ma had never seen this kind of welcoming of customers before.
  The surprise didn't end at the ”Welcome!" It extended to the care taken to explain the options to the customers at the time of ordering, they way the staff lowered themselves to be at the same level of the customer, their genuine bright smiles, and the warmth and energy they showed to each customer." Every customer interaction I observed helped transform my image of what customer service should be.” “From the first contact, I thought ‘I am so happy I came to this restaurant.   Everything is so appetizing…’ It’s as if I a magic spell had been cast over me.”
I was surprised not just at the customer service. The taste of the yakiniku was so amazing. I did not know that beef could be so delicious. First, it was tender. And because there were not too many sauces, the true taste of the beef could blossom in my mouth. The aroma was different from other grilled meat.
  The surprise did not end with the grilled meat alone. “I was impressed with the menu. There were vegetarian options for people who did not eat meat. So, vegetarians and non-vegetarians could cook and eat together.” “With seafood and tofu dishes, diners could experience a wide range of Japanese cuisine.”
 Mr. Ma had been operating restaurants in China for more than 10 years. He wanted to share his experience, warm impressions, and the great satisfaction he encountered at Guykaku in Japan. His dream came true on October 16, 2017 when he opened the first Gyukaku franchise in China.
  “I am always striving to understand what makes the customer truly happy. Unless one is willing to do that, and is committed to explore it from the bottom of their hearts, the level of quality will not rise. A person who seeks personal satisfaction by pleasing customers is well qualified to work at Gyukaku.”
  “Fortunately at the first store, the young staff has risen to the challenge and are exceeding expectations. It should be mentioned that all employees are full-time. It is not possible to have the same expectations of part-time employees.” “We hold daily meetings to evaluate our performance. For the business to truly improve, we do not take into consideration the rank of employees. That is immaterial. Each team member is encouraged to contribute freely on an equal basis.” By continuing to improve the quality and level of service, President Ma states that he sees this as a way to develop himself as a human being.
  “We continually ask ourselves, ‘What can improve the taste?’ ‘How can we improve the customers’ specific and overall satisfaction?’ ‘What is the deeper meaning of working at Gyukaku?’ These are questions we ask ourselves; and the questions that lead to other questions.”
  “If a team member develops himself personally at Gyukaku and discovers something that impresses him or her, that sense of wonder will be transmitted naturally to the customer. I would like to extend this sense of discovery and wonderment throughout China.” This is the dream of President Ma.
Photo 1: There have been many sold out days since its opening on October 16, 2017.  Photo 2: Emblem of Gyukaky.  Photo 3: The ribbon cutting ceremony at the opening. The event was covered by many media. .
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