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WAGYU Oklahoma USA

First Smokeless BBQ Restaurant in Oklahoma City.
Word is spreading on the net!

"Wagyu" opened its doors in a corner of a newly developed shopping center. The restaurant faces the main road, and its illuminated sign above the door "Wagyu Japanese BBQ” signals the prestige and excellence to those who desire a high quality steak experience.   There are many non-Asian customers. Attracted by the internet or by word of mouth, diners are drawn to this new way of experiencing steak. Given people's love of steak in Oklahoma, Texas, and the south, it can be expected that the popularity of Japanese BBO will only grow..

Japanese BBQ and the wisdom of Confucius’ “Stand up at 30” meet

 Mr. Chen Li, restaurant owner and manager (32), acquired two bachelor's degrees in petroleum engineering and computer science during his six-year tenure at the University of Oklahoma. During school, he earned all his tuition and living expenses by working as a chef at a teppanyaki restaurant. “I didn’t want to rely on parents to support me.” That experience developed Mr. Chen’s self-reliant character and put him on the path toward a life as a barbecue restauranteur. The Japanese BBQ that he ate in Chicago became the inspiration for him to achieve his own dream.

 “I have always liked Japanese food, but the market is so oversaturated with successful sushi and tempura places. However, Japanese BBQ is an untapped market, and I felt that I could be successful there” Mr. Li thought to himself three years ago.
 There is an old Confucian saying that has stayed with me over the years “Stand up at 30.” I started my working career when I was thirty years old. My journey began in high school when I came to America from Fujian, China to study. This dream was finally realized in Oklahoma City where he met his wife, Han Ys, and together they have forged ahead together. Is is also the magic of Japanese yakiniku.
Photo 1: Chag (age 29) is a household appliance technician. “When I searched on Google, I thought ‘a restaurant where you cook the food yourself’ that sounded like an interesting concept, so I had to try it. So came with my buddy Jason and two other friends.” Photo 2: Mr. David Oubre (39, on the far left) was attracted by a review in the local newspaper, the Oklahoma Gazette. This is his second visit, and this time with his family of eight in tow. "Because the food is healthy, I can share it with my entire family. I’m very happy we came here.” Photo 3: Michael (19, 2nd from the left) searched online for "Korean BBQ" and discovered that Japanese BBQ had become popular recently. He became fond of Korean BBQ while living in California, and wanted to hold his birthday party at a Korean BBQ restaurant. Michael's father said "I usually eat steak on the grill cooked in my own backyard. I didn’t expect to be able to do the same in the restaurant.” Photo 4: Edwin (26) was passing by the restaurant by accident, and noticed the sign for "Japanese steak”. He decided to stop in and check it out. He remembered that there was a barbecue in his favorite Japanese animation. His colleague Chloe (22), a remarked "The meat at this restaurant is much more tender than regular steak."
Photo 5: To the right, visiting from Fujian Province, China, the parents who provided the resources to get the restaurant started. In the front row from the left, Ms. Jade Han, wife and co-owner, and Mr. Chen Li (co-owner and manager). Photo 6: "It’s been fifteen years since I came here from Japan. It makes me happy to be able to cook tasty Japanese cuisine for customers,” said the chef, Mami. Photo 7: Bret Weller, one of the servers said, "It's a new way for us in Oklahoma City to eat, but we love steaks and the way we serve it makes it better than ever. This restaurant will definitely be a success.” Photo 8: Cherry wood smoked top sirloin—a customer favorite.
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