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SHINTA Toronto, Canada

First All You Can Eat WAGYU in Toronto. Within 3 weeks of opening, the reservation waiting list is already 2 weeks long.

Photo (left): Minimalist design to focus the attention on the ingredients. SHINTA's belief is that the high quality ingredients and top grade WAGYU are the stars, and will speak for itself. Photo (right): Popular off menu items: Top Grade Australian, US, and Japanese WAYGU continue to bring frequent customers back for more. The photo is for one serving.

All you can eat American, Australian, and Japanese WAGYU starting at CAD$70 per person.

  WAGYU's status as the highest grade of beef is now recognized around the world. Realizing that WAGYU's magic that makes customers always want to come back for more, Mr. Terry Wang (34) decided to make WAGYU the star and focus at SHINTA to standout from the competition..
  With meticulous planning and execution, SHINTA #1 is an instant success (6000 sqft of dining space, USD$2.5M investment). Within 3 weeks of opening, the reservation wait list is already at 2 weeks. The large dining space is usually filled by 5:30pm. "For customers who come after 6pm without reservation, they will have to wait, but it's well worth it," said Jinhang "Frank" Ju (29, Manager) with confidence. "An all you can eat buffet offering WAGYU, that's something worth waiting for!"
  President Wang has built a network of 15 Ramen, 5 Shabushabu, and 2 Sushi restaurants before SHINTA joint the diverse portfolio. The success prompted the creation of the new 20,000 sqft. centralized kitchen that only took 4 months from
conception to completion to support 15 restaurants and 60 supermarkets. The rapid growth creates ample opportunities for his team of dedicated and outstanding young employees to grow with the company and achieve financial success.
With a father who owns and operates family coal mining operation, and a mother who was successful in real estate, Mr. Wang inherited the independent spirit and strong will. Moving from Shanghai to Canada at an age of 14, he studied Finance while at school in Ontario.
  SHINTA#2 is now confirmed. It will be an even more ambitious project with even higher total square footage and larger capital investments base on the success at the 1st location. SHINPO Smokeless Grills continue to be the top and only choice when it comes to providing the best possible WAGYU dinning experience for SHITA's growing customer base.
  Achieving the goal of owning his own company has been Mr. Wang's dream since the age of 10, and Canada is only the start for him.

Photo 1: SHINTA#1 is located in an up and coming business district with many IT companies and start-ups escaping the congested downtown area. Photo 2: Australian WAGYU. Photo 3: Most popular set menu at SHINTA. Photo 4: Premium American Black Angus beef.Photo 4: Edwin (26) was passing by the restaurant by accident, and noticed the sign for "Japanese steak”. He decided to stop in and check it out. He remembered that there was a barbecue in his favorite Japanese animation. His colleague Chloe (22), a remarked "The meat at this restaurant is much more tender than regular steak."
Photo 5: President Terry Wang and Restaurant Manager Frank Ju. Terry speaks very highly of Frank and understands the importance of having highly competent team members. Photo 6: SHINTA Central Kitchen's Quality Inspector Ms. Vera Su and Onsite Manager Henry Yang are responsible for the international logistic and sourcing to support 15 restaurants and 60+ supermarkets. "Not only did Ms. Su and Mr. Yang continue to grow our list of customers, initially getting the central kitchen up and running in the short spam of 4 months was an impressive feat in and of itself." said President Wang. Photo 7: These customers are High School best friends who continue their traditional of weekly meal gathering many years after graduation. "For years we boys mooched off her kindness and excellent cooking. We decide to show our appreciation and gratitude with WAGYU. The Australian and Japanese WAGYU is not only tasty, but also a healthy choice," said by Mr. Yu Yang (25) the organizer of this week's venue. This is the 3rd time Mr. Yang visits SHINTA. Photo 8: The restaurant is packed by 5:30 on a weekday.
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