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Kobe Teppanyaki & BBQ -- Toronto, Canada

KOBE=Teppanyaki (Chef-prepared)+Yakiniku BBQ (Cook at your own style)

Photo left From left to right, the key management team: Harry Chen (31), Bo Ding (40), Jason Huang (50), Kevin (26). In red, Ms. Akiko Masuda who is in charge of providing guidance on Japanese food. Photo right: Exterior view. The store is situated at the entrance to a shopping center, facing the main road. There are two hotels nearby, next to each other with a high occupancy rate.

1 person+ 1 person+ 1 person+ 1 person = One unbeatable team
Four individuals acting as one. The result is Teppanyaki AND Yakiniku for the win!

 In May of 2017, public interest in yakiniku was just about to take off. At that time, four overseas Chinese restauranteurs with different home towns and ages decided to come together in partnership. "It would have been a shame to start four independent business to compete against one anther. We decided to combine our talents to form one enterprise with the invincible power of four."
 A teppanyaki restaurant combined with a yakiniku restaurant, all under one roof, has proved to be an unbeatable synergistic combination. Teppanyaki provides the diner with a professional chef-prepared experience while yakiniku lets guests cook for themselves at their own pace. This two-pronged approach of preparing and presenting beef was named "KOBE" to signal an upscale dining experience.
 With ages spanning from 26 to 50 years old, and hometowns as far apart as Xiamen to Fuzhou to Shanghai, the four-member management team draws on their wide range of business expertise. From running seafood and steak restaurants, to logistics, to real estate, to electronic components trading, this combination of talents provides an unbeatable combination.
 The store officially opened on December 15th, and teppan yaki was popular for the first couple of months. However, once customers started to experience the "yakiniku corner" side of the business with its succulent beef, they soon started flocking to it. One particular BBQ customer comes in three times per week!
 Every day, they get about 50 diners from the two nearby hotels. During construction, a manager from one of the hotels came to visit. "I know my customers are looking for excellent and unique places to eat. With the teppanyaki and yakiniku beef dishes you are offering, I know your restaurant will be a big hit." Happily, his prediction came true.
  "The future of eating out points solidly to yakniku." This is the conclusion came to by the four partners, and gave them the confidence to make their large investment. Every day, their decision has be proven right.
Photo 1: Inside the 450 m² dining space. The yakiniku corner is situated on the right side of the shop, with 23 grill stations and 92 seats. Customer interest has been growing steadily since opening. Photo 2: To the left side is the teppanyaki corner consisting of 6 stations and 60 seats. This section reaches capacity every day, and is a bit more popular and slightly noses out the BBQ section.
Photo 3: The duct work is embedded under the floor. Toronto was the fist construction of its kind in the city, so it took a bit of time to negotiate with the local authorities. Due to the team's efforts, they were able to widen the footprint and increase the number of units by eight. The location of the ducts can be used effectively. Photo 4: a C-BOX installed leading to the duct work embedded under the concrete foundation.
Photo 5: There are two hotels adjacent to the restaurant with high-occupancy rates. As a prestegious steak restaurant was established in front of the hotels, the managers stated that the value of their hotel stays went up. Photo 6: Because there is COSTCO in the same shopping center, shoppers are also targeted as customers. Photo 7: Many overseas Chinese live in the Toronto metropolitan area. Because of this, a long-established Peking duck restaurant opened it's first store nearby. Photo 8: Stating "I will do my best wearing this," the eldest, junior high school-aged son of Bo Ding, one of the management team, pledged to work hard to help the store. He wants to be a doctor, and his father encourages him to study. With aspirations like this, the four-member management team is driven toward excellence.
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