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Yakiniku Yokocho Sydney, Australia

28-year old opens up the kind of place he wants to visit.
Showa retro-style is a hit in Sydney!

Left photo: Business partner Tiffany (left) and managing director Kazuki Arai (28). The two have been friends since they both worked for a previous company. Tiffany found the location quickly, and this let them open the business without delay. She found the perfect spot. Right photo: The restaurant is in full view from the hallway of the B1 underground passageway. People pass in-front of the restaurant on their way to the restrooms. When they pass by, they often see a restaurant full of people laughing and having a good time. This makes them want to join in!

A ten-year dream achieved with the help of four Chinese angels.
Izakaya-style BBQ: a sake and meat lover's dream!

  At the age of 19, Kazuki Arai entered pharmacy school as his father wanted. But he couldn't contain his ambition to become an entrepreneur and left after the first year. A few months later, he packed up and headed to Australia for working holiday.
"I used to work at a Japanese restaurant in Sydney where I was the restaurant manager for 10 years. I was finally able to pass the difficult English exam, and acquired permanent residence in Australia. So, I decided to leave the company and start my own business."
   "At first, I was planning on starting a bento box shop by myself, but my friend's family encouraged me to start a Japanese restaurant, and they offed to invest in it! Thanks to my partners' real estate know-how, we quickly found a good location and we were set." His partners also offed a good measure of confidence in terms of management. "The restaurant business is tough. Even though the quality of food might be good, a lot of Japanese places go bankrupt."
  "The end result was that I was able to open my izakaya-style BBQ restaurant with the help of my four Chinese angel investors. Thanks to my partners, I could get up and going in a short period of time. Sales have steadily increased since 2008. We have a great working relationship, and there are none of the cultural differences one might expect. We are all like family."
  The initial concept of the restaurant was "A place that I would want to go." The shop is decorated in Showa-period retro style. (The Japanese Showa period was 1926–1989.) We were able to find Showa 30's (1950's) kanbans, signs, and articles in Guangzhou, China.
   "For the past 10 years, I have worked hard for my life's dream to become an independent restauranteur. At the same time, I have also built up strong bonds with my Chinese partners. I really like being associated with people who can make a quick and effective decision. Together with my partners, my next dream is to open up a string of Yakiniku Yokocho restaurants all over Sydney."
Photo 1 and Photo 2: The interior of the store can be seen from the passageway of the B1 basement floor. The sense of openness without windows gives it the feeling of an outdoor food stand. The feeling is organic and natural, and the activity from the inside spills out onto the passageway. Photo 3: Even if all the seats are taken, passers-by will stop, check the menu, and consider coming in. That is because there is no better way to attract a crowd than with a crowd. Photo4: The chart on the wall illustrates all of the cuts of beef that can be ordered. Mr. Arai's strength is that he is able to offer a wide variety of cuts of beef.
Photo 5: Showa Retro kambans and signs were procured in Guangzhou, China! Photo 6: Good quality beef depends on good relations with local suppliers. Mr. Arai, who loves beef, offers special cuts of beef as a special service to his customers. Photo 7: Emphasis on cleanliness. Cleaning is done in the Japanese style, with an emphasis on politeness. "We do not want customers to feel greasy when they leave." Photo 8: Japanese restaurants are lined up on the first floor and the first basement floor of a high-rise building facing the main street. It has the illusion of being a Japanese bar/restaurant street. This area has become a popular spot in recent years.
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