Shinpo Co., Ltd. (Nagoya) has the No. 1 share of smokeless Yakiniku grills in Japan

Maple Tree House Taipei, Taiwan

A thirty-something chef-manager duo create an irresistible Korean BBQ restaurant that is a cut above the rest"

Left: Chef Kenny (35) and store manager Chen Wei Da (38). Photo left: Chef Kenny and his manager-partner, both in their 30's, were able to double sales in a year. Chef Kenny is also the owner of two western-style restaurants and two other hotpot restaurants. Because of this experience, he was able to complete his Korean food training in Seoul in just 10 days. The manager, Mr. Chen, has gained a lot of trust from employees. Said one female employee, "He doesn't intimidate us as a manager. He really looks out for us and cares for us deeply." Photo right: Servers are available throughout the restaurant to assist in grilling meat. Having exquisite meats grilled right in front of them and interacting with staff is a pleasure for customers.

Grilled pork and thick steak + Korean food= a winning and profitable combination.

 Eating out and odering in are enjoyed by everyone. This is true for Korean food which is popular around the world. However, due to greater competition, Korean restaurants tend to be less profitable.
 Maple Tree House, which opened two years ago offers a menu that is 30% more expensive than the competition, on average. However, sales have doubled over the last two years.
  "I thought it was a little expensive at first, but after eating here, I was convinced. Korean restaurants are known as being cheap, but there is a lot of smoke to deal with. This store, on the other hand doesn't make my clothes or hair smell. Now I know why they chose to spend money on equipment", stated one female customer who was an architectural designer as she pointed to one of the Shinpo smokeless grills.
 One customer, Annie Huang (44) decided to come to the restaurant on her birthday. "Usually Korean restaurants serve pork that is thinly sliced, and the flavor is lost. At this restaurant, they serve thick pork, and I ordered it. It was tender and delicious. That is the reason I chose this restaurant.
 Customers quickly come to understand the secret of the restaurant's success. The store quickly gained popularity due to the quality of its steak, skillfully prepared and presented by its servers. In other Korean restaurants, bolgogi is typically soaked in marinade, so the flavor of the meat is overpowered. Here, the cuts are thicker, and the flavor of the meat is only enhanced by a bit of salt or sesame oil. That is why bolgogi trails both beef and pork in terms of popularity at the store.
 Customers are able to sense excellent quality meat, and they have come to expect it. Some have been overheard saying, "The cooking technique of the server was excellent." Because a meal of meat alone can become tiresome, the addition of Korean dishes complements the total dining experience, and justifies the higher price
Photo 1: The ever popular WAGYU from Australia. Many customers see this and immediately understand why it fetches such a premium. Photo 2: The larger portion is cut into smaller bite sized pieces for ease of eating and arrangement. This elegant presentation makes the taste stand out. Photo 3: Aider (25) who has only been working at the store for a half a year, is a master in grilling. For him, the secret is... "I like meeting various people, so I studied in Australia as an English exchange student for two years. It brings me great joy to see customers enjoying their meals, so I am continually studying how to grill better. Photo 4: Celebrating Annie's birthday (second from left). “The pork was thick and delicious, so I asked my friend to bring me here. It's my second time, and it was just as good as the first."
Photo 5: The exterior. Photo 6: Passers-by can see the diners inside. Photo 7: Yakiniku being grilled at the counter. Customers can savor the fullness of the yakiniku experience while enjoying cocktails." Photo 8: Helping clean up. All the colleagues are good friends, and that adds to the customer service.
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