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BAHO (八和) Wagyu Yakiniku Gourmet Restaurant, Taipei, Taiwan

Delicious food is beautiful-- Their goal is to offer the best Omi beef without compromise.

Left photo: There are five business partners in the group (the male partner was absent due to family obligations). Everyone has grown up together in the yakiniku business. They work together as a team to deliver the greatness of yakiniku to their customers. This is the passion behind their starting of BAHO. Three months after opening, this genuine passion is starting to reach their customers. Right photo: The Ome Wagyu beef display case at the right of the store. Behind it is the beef preparation room. The beef preparation room temperature is maintained at around 10C degrees (50F), and the display case is maintained at 0C to 2C degrees (32F to 35F).

Before they found yakiniku and each other, life was not fulfilling.
Now these five friends are discovering the rewards of working and growing together.

 One of the five business partners, Mr. YaoAn Han (25) informed his parents that he wanted to start a yakiniku restaurant with his four other friends. They responded as follows... "From being such a shy person who couldn't talk to any body to being so exited when you talk about yakiniku, we have no objection. If yakiniku is your way of contributing to the world, then you have our blessing." He was fortunate to have his parents as the loan guarantor with the bank. He was expecting his parents to say no, but they said yes!
  "I have learned a lot from the yakiniku business in terms of how to think, how to live, and the transformation of my four friends since we opened BAHO in July of 2019."
Even without advertising, the place is almost always full on weekdays, and is completely full on weekends. Despite the fact that the cost of Ome beef is nearly double what people are used to, customers who love high quality beef have no problem paying the difference.

 "Recently, it has become harder to find a quality meal in Taipei," stated the president of a local moon cake bakery (64). He was at this restaurant for the first time with a friend. "I heard from a friend in Shanghai that there is a delicious type of Japanese beef. I also know that there are a lot of restaurants that claim to have the real thing, but they are imposters. But they have real Omi beef here!"
 The deliciousness unique to Wagyu beef is maximized by the eight main menu areas: raw beef, sushi, marbled meat, red meat, steak, single dish offerings, soup, and rice-based dishes. All of these items are reflected in the restaurant's name BAHO, (八和), which translates to Eight Japanese [things].
Photo 1: Portions of beef are cut after receiving an order. This ensures their maximum flavor and avoids the oxidation that occurs at room temperature. Photo 2: The thermometer in the preparation room. The thermostat is set to a constant 10C (50F). Photo 3: The most popular combination: Kainomi, Inner thigh, and Rib roast. The even marbling of the three cuts reflects the quality of the meat and is a beautiful sight to behold. Photo 4: Marbled and lean meat is grilled on high heat. Thick sliced meat is first grilled on a high heat to seal in the juices. After that, it is grilled on low heat to perfect the finish and internal temperature. Finally, the cut is briefly returned to high heat to prefect the mouth quality. Only Shinpo teppan grills can offer this level of quality. "We are so grateful that Shinpo technology is able to offer us the ability to grill as we want." The teppan grill plate lets us cook the thin sliced rib roast on both sides to perfection. The five owners have become experts on yakiniku are very familiar with the characteristics of the teppan grill.
Photo 5: The president of the moon cake bakery (64) who is very satisfied with "the real Omi beef". Photo 6: “Through my work with yakiniku, I have found that I can talk to others. I have learned from customers that there are various ways of thinking. Now it’s fun to interact with people,” said co-owner Han (25). Photo 7: Being able to pick up the yolk without it breaking is a sign of freshness. Photo 8: The exterior design is casual and elegant, and is consistent with the owners' concept of “high-quality beef in a relaxed atmosphere”.
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