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<Aiming to be the most popular restaurant in the area (The Only One)> There are professionals in quest of "grilling to perfection" who are chefs, restaurant managers, designers, and Shinpo sales reps. As long as guests eat out in search of genuine cuisine, there is no end of the quest for savoriness. This page reveals the know-how of such professionals and is full of useful information that only Shinpo can provide. In the series "How to Create the Most Popular Restaurant in the Area" restaurant managers and chefs present know-how for success. In the series "How to Create a Successful Restaurant" designers and Shinpo sales reps offer advice on how to create a successful restaurant.





With the remarkable economic growth in Southeast Asia, Gyu-Kaku Singapore is expanding its operations. This has been spurred on by the rapid growth of the middle class.
I would like to launch a high-class Japanese-style Yakiniku restaurant, not Korean-style eatery. Although there are many entrepreneurs who are eager to enter the Yakiniku business, extensive know-how is essential for restaurant success. However, Gyu-Kaku Singapore, an overseas subsidiary of the largest Yakiniku restaurant chain in Japan, helps its franchisees become the most successful restaurants in their respective areas through comprehensive guidance.

Comment from Franchisee, Anchorpoint  (6'35")
Comments from Guests (6'05")
Comment from Paul, an employee (3'44")
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Hong Kong
Six Gyu-Kaku restaurants, which use Shinpo grills, opened in Hong Kong in just one year. Hong Kong Gyu-Kaku uses Shinpo grills at all five eateries.
It is very common to see full tables and guests waiting in line. This video will show how popular these establishments are and explain management know-how. (Hong Kong GyuKaku)

Four successful GyuKaku restauarants (4'59")

Franchisee Management Know-How (6'25")

Although promotion of the restaurant had yet to start, a queue formed on Valentine's Day.
(Fuwu Grill in Nantong, Chine ) 

Fuwu Grill is located on the cental plaza in the restaurant section of Nantong Economic-Technological Development Area, a prime location. The stage suitable for the 'quality' that they want pursue is ready. The queue on Valentaine's Day was nothing but an opening performance.


Feedback from guets(7'25")

Feedback from managers

Restaurants with a capacity of 1,500 seats at a brewery
(Loin-tei, Asahi Beer Garden Shiraishi, Sapporo)

Asahi Breweries, Ltd. is one of the leading beer producers in Japan and has established a buffet-style restaurant on the premises of its Hokkaido Brewery. The new business targeting tourists and groups is a huge success. Various creative ideas have been incorporated with services to provide satisfaction that guests can eat whatever they like as much as they like.

Smokeless grills expand the menu and offer the joys of grilling.
(Mr. Nakano, Chef, Asahi Beer Garden)
By installing smokeless grills, we are able to provide additional menus, including thick and thin meat, squid, and shellfish. It is easy to adjust the heat, and the grilling surface stimulates the appetites of guests. Also, there is less burned food and the amount of leftovers is decreased. (Interview with Mr. Nakano, Chef, Asahi Beer Garden,

A buffet-style restaurant for families in a residential area
(Loin-tei Hiraoka)
A buffet-style restaurant for tourists and groups established within the brewery was a huge success. Applying the know-how, the Hiraoka branch in a residential area five km from Sapporo Station is crowded with families.

Most of the guests make a reservation by telephone. Striving earnestly to improve quality (Yakiniku restaurant "Kakoi," Fujisawa Branch, near Kamakura)
Fujisawa, about 50 minutes from Tokyo by train, is a thriving town popular with the middle class. It is next to Kamakura, where U.S. President Obama visited in November, 2010, and close to the sea with beautiful views of Mt. Fuji. People there are particular about taste and have a deep understanding of quality meat dishes. Most of the seats at Kakoi Fujisawa are filled with guests who made a reservation by telephone. Mr. Tsutsumi, a supervisor, will reveal their expertise.

No smoke should be allowed in a living room. (Toshiaki Matsuhashi, restaurant designer)
Yakiniku has become a prestigious dining experience that can be enjoyed casually. The design concept of a restaurant, where guests relax with family and friends, is "another living room." What determines a restaurant's success or failure is to allow guests to enjoy an atmosphere that is an extension of daily life but slightly different.
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