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Q1: What happens when the machine breaks down?

A1: The warranty is good for one year after the date of delivering from our factory, so repairs are free of charg. After one year, we advise to have regular maintenance in accordance with model type and expendable supplies. For customers with many restaurants, we will establish repair teams. In the past 20 years, there have been no major breakdowns or needed repairs for customers in World.


Q2: I would like to replace the grills we currently use with the smokeless type.
  A2: We have more and more inquiries like this. The smokeless type is becoming the major trend. Please call our offices as soon as possible. We will propose how to replace with the most appropriate type of grill in an efficient manner after grasping the current situation of the restaurant, including layout and equipment.  Are restaurants that use Shinpo smokeless grills in China satisfied?

Q3: I would like to study the Japanese Yakiniku business.
  A3: We provide solutions to this kind of request. As our customers apply various styles of services, Shinpo is providing information to customers in China as much as possible. It may be a valuable experience for a Chinese customer to savor Yakiniku at a Shinpo restaurant in Japan. Yakiniku is highly regarded as a stable and promising food service business in Japan and many companies and investors are striving to improve guest satisfaction.  

Q4: How do I pay?
  A4: We ask customers for a payment in advance. Letter of credit transactions may be used, depending on negotiations. You can put your mind at ease since there have been no problems regarding shipment from Shinpo. We manufacture grills upon confirmation of payment. Delivery date varies, depending on the number of units ordered. The normal lead time is 30 days, and details are presented with the quote.  

Q5: What are the limits of service from Shinpo upon delivery?

A5: Regardless of delivery at a port or delivery at the site, at the time of installing the grills, Shinpo's staff will be dispatched either from Japan or the Shanghai Office to give instructions for installation at the site. This work will be carried out by workers hired by the customer, and the engineer will surpervise the work up until the grills have been confirmed to function properly.  

Q6: What should I be careful about when installing Japanese-made products in China?
  A6: When using gas-type grills, make sure to ask the local gas company about pressure, caloric volume, composition, and others. Download and fill out the Gas Component Sheet (PDF). The composition of gas varies region to region, so grill components may need to be adjusted.

the Gas Component Sheet (PDF).

Q7: What is the average lifespan of the grills?
  A7: With proper maintenance, the average lifespan is 13-16 years. Maintenance and frequency of use decide the lifespan of the grill's expendable parts.    

Q8: Can Japanese-made grills be used in China, where the voltage is different from Japan?
  A8: There is no need to worry about this. Japan runs on 100v and China runs on 220v. We manufacture our grills to adapt to different voltages around the world.    

Q9: Can I order the grill and table top together? Is there any problem with obtaining table tops from a local vendor?
  A9: Either is fine. We can manufacture the table tops in accordance with the layout and customers can place orders with local makers. In that case, Shinpo will provide advice for producing table tops. For grills that come with table tops, please provide the desired dimensions. The position of the Slim Control and the size of the cabinet need to be adjusted depending on the size of the table top. For grills without table tops, please provide the number of guests per table (for example, table for 4, table for 6, table for 8). Produce table tops in accordance with the dimensions of the openings and the thickness of the table tops as provided by Shinpo after signing the contract.    

Q10: What do I need to know about export/import procedures?
  A10: In general, Shinpo will be responsible for shipping from the factory to delivery to the assigned port (CIF to local port). Import procedures, transport, and delivery will be done by the customer once the grills have arrived at the local port. For customs procedures, please use a reliable import service company. If anything is unclear, please contact us at    

Q11: What materials do I need to prepare?
  A11: Please prepare the following components:
① Ducts with 150mmΦ (for both the grill itself and exhaust ducts for inside the restaurant. Shinpo will design the duct system and exhaust fans.
② Electric outlets (for the grill itself).
③ Gas pipes and valves (the local gas company will be in charge designing and installing the gas pipes).
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