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Points to consider at the time of signing a purchase agreement:
Shinpo will ask customers to pay the full amount of the order in advance, including the grills, parts, and other supplies. If there are errors in shipping, Shinpo will take responsibility to remedy problems by the installation. Please understand that once paid, money will not be refunded for any reason.  
How do I pay?  
  A4: We ask customers for a payment in advance. Letter of credit transactions may be used, depending on negotiations. You can put your mind at ease since there have been no problems regarding shipment from Shinpo. We manufacture grills upon confirmation of payment. Delivery date varies, depending on the number of units ordered. The normal lead time is 30 days, and details are presented with the quote.  
Tell me about the product warranty.  
  For grill products exported and sold outside of Japan, Shinpo defines the warranty term within one year from the date the product is shipped from our plant. For breakage that takes place within the warranty period, Shinpo will provide only parts covered in the warranty free of charge, including shipping. When a product, which was installed under Shinpo staff instructions and the ignition test was completed, breaks down, Shinpo will not dispatch staff to make repairs free of charge under any circumstance. Please understand this.  
  Breakdowns due to inappropriate use of the product shall not be covered by the warranty. Inappropriate use includes attaching components and parts made by other companies, equipping components and parts that are not specified by Shinpo, or carrying out cleaning and maintenance in ways other than specified in the manuals.  
  The warranty is voided if a customer installs the grills on their own and operates them.  
  The warranty term starts from the date the products are shipped from our plant, even if the restaurant opening is delayed due to reasons on the customer's side.  
For problems that occur during shipping:  
  Shinpo is not responsible for problems with operational services that are not specified in the purchase agreement, although circumstances vary by agreement. In addition, Shinpo cannot be involved in issues regarding customs, freight forwarding agents, or shipping companies. The customer needs to maintain close contact with customs officials, freight forwarding agents, and shipping companies to solve any misunderstandings or problems in advance.  
Points to consider at the time of installation:  
  For installing exported products, Shinpo dispatches staff to give instructions.  
  For installation overseas, Shinpo staff are allowed to only give instructions; the actual installation work should be done by the customer or workmen assigned by the customer.  
  After installation, ignition tests will be performed on all units, and Shinpo will ask the customer to sign the document stating that there were no problems with ignition. When customers cannot sign the document because of their own reasons, examination by Shinpo staff will be the final check; please understand that Shinpo staff cannot handle any issue, such as poor ignition, at a later date. In this case, contact Shinpo by email or telephone as regular troubleshooting.  
  Please schedule an installation date three weeks in advance. Due to booking flights and hotels, Shinpo cannot accept any changes in installation dates thereafter.  
  Installation work takes three to seven days. Please make sure gas and electricity are available at the work site by the installation date. In addition, if crucial preparations at the site are not completed, installation cannot start even if Shinpo staff are at the site. Please be aware that all travel costs will be borne by the customer.  
<Troubleshooting for grills:>  
It fails to ignite.  
  There is no ignition sound when pressing the ignition switch.
→ 1)The cord is not plugged in the power outlet.
→ 2) The circuit breaker is switched off. Please turn it on.
    *If there is still no ignition sound even after turning on the circuit breaker, the electrical system of the grill may be short-circuited. Please contact a Shinpo representative.
  When turning on the ignition switch, there is an ignition sound but ther is no flash on the burner.
  → The safety valve inside the main gas tap may be closed. After turning off the main tap, turn on the tap slowly.
  When turning on the ingnition switch, there are ignition sounds and flashes on the burner but it does not ignite.
  → A nozzle inside the insertion part of burner (the grill body side) may be clogged and gas is not flowing. Insert the special nozzle cleaning rod into the nozzle hole to clean.
*Please do not wipe the tip of the nozzle with a dirty cloth. This will make the nozzle dirtier.
The flame dies.  
  Uneven flame from the burner holes 
  → The burner may be tilted. Please adjust it.
  → Burner holes may be clogged. Clean the holes using the special nozzle cleaning rod.
  → Burner may have been degraded. Please replace it with a new grill.

Alarm keeps beeping even though flames from the burner are even.
*The overheating prevention system has been activated. After taking the following steps, the grill will cool down in 5-10 minutes and the alarm will stop.
*To continue to use the grill while the alarm is sounding is very dangerous. Do not use the grill under any circumstances when the alarm goes off.
  → There is no water in the drain pan.
  → Parts are soiled with grease and flames for grilling are drawn into the inside of the device.
  → Due to clogging, gas that cannot exit from the hole does not fully combust at the insertion portion of the burner.

Grill does not work well.  
  Burner may be tilted.
  → Adjust the burner so it is level.
  Rust inside the burner may have caused the clogging.
  → Lightly tap the burner with a mallet to remove rust inside.
  Burner holes may be clogged.
  → Clean the burner holes with a metal brush or the cleaning rod.
  Burner may have been degraded.
  →  Please replace it with a new burner.
Smoke is not being vented.  
  Exhaust fan is not operating.
  → If the exhaust fan or circuit breaker is switched off, turn it on.  
  Although the exhaust fan is working, 1 or 2 units are not venting smoke.
  → The fuse of Fire Dumper or Fire Ventilation Dumper inside the grill may have been burned. Please replace it with a new one.
  Although the exhaust fan is working, smoke is not being vented with all grills of a certain model.
→ There may be problems with the fan of the model in question.
  ・The fan is filthy. Cleaning is poor.
  ・Wet cloths and other items have gotten into the fan.
  ・The fan or fan belt is worn out.。

I would like to replace the grills we currently use with the smokeless type.  
  We have more and more inquiries like this. The smokeless type is becoming the major trend. Please call our offices as soon as possible. We will propose how to replace with the most appropriate type of grill in an efficient manner aftIer grasping the current situation of the restaurant, including layout and equipment.  
I would like to study the Japanese Yakiniku business.  
  We provide solutions to this kind of request. As our customers apply various styles of services, Shinpo is providing information to customers in China as much as possible. It may be a valuable experience for a Chinese customer to savor Yakiniku at a Shinpo restaurant in Japan. Yakiniku is highly regarded as a stable and promising food service business in Japan and many companies and investors are striving to improve guest satisfaction.  
What should I be careful about when installing Japanese-made products in China?  
  When using gas-type grills, make sure to ask the local gas company about pressure, caloric volume, composition, and others. Download and fill out the Gas Component Sheet (PDF). The composition of gas varies region to region, so grill components may need to be adjusted.  
What is the average lifespan of the grills?  
  With proper maintenance, the average lifespan is 13-16 years. Maintenance and frequency of use decide the lifespan of the grill's expendable parts.  
Can Japanese-made grills be used in China, where the voltage is different from Japan?  
  There is no need to worry about this. Japan runs on 100v and China runs on 220v. We manufacture our grills to adapt to different voltages around the world.  
Can I order the grill and table top together? Is there any problem with obtaining table tops from a local vendor?  
  Either is fine. We can manufacture the table tops in accordance with the layout and customers can place orders with local makers. In that case, Shinpo will provide advice for producing table tops. For grills that come with table tops, please provide the desired dimensions. The position of the Slim Control and the size of the cabinet need to be adjusted depending on the size of the table top. For grills without table tops, please provide the number of guests per table (for example, table for 4, table for 6, table for 8). Produce table tops in accordance with the dimensions of the openings and the thickness of the table tops as provided by Shinpo after signing the contract.  
What do I need to know about export/import procedures?  
  In general, Shinpo will be responsible for shipping from the factory to delivery to the assigned port (CIF to local port). Import procedures, transport, and delivery will be done by the customer once the grills have arrived at the local port. For customs procedures, please use a reliable import service company. If anything is unclear, please contact us at  
What materials do I need to prepare?  
  Please prepare the following components:
① Ducts with 150mmΦ (for both the grill itself and exhaust ducts for inside the restaurant. Shinpo will design the duct system and exhaust fans.
② Electric outlets (for the grill itself).
③ Gas pipes and valves (the local gas company will be in charge designing and installing the gas pipes).

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