Shinpo Co., Ltd. (Nagoya) has the No. 1 share of smokeless Yakiniku grills in Japan.
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Telephone 021-6278-9977  8:30 - 17:30 (Close on weekend and national holidays)

1.We sell smokeless grills manufactured by Shinpo.
2.All of our products are made at our factory in Japan.
3.We will prepare a quote and handle import procedures.

Product details
<For Shinpo Users:>
Our warranty is valid for one year after installation. After that, there is a charge for maintenance and repairs.

<For potential Shinpo customers: >
1.Now, we are offering a free inspection service to check the functions of the grills and the exhaust air duct system you are currently using. This is free of charge (except the cost of transportation).
2.We will measure the temperature of the grill surface and air exhaust volume (free of charge). Grill function deterioration results in longer cooking times, lower sales per guest, and a drop in fuel efficiency. However, there is a charge for cleaning the grills.
3.About duct fires→
Exhaust air duct covered
in greasy filth
Exhaust air duct after cleaning
1.We have installed our grills at 16,000 Yakiniku restaurants in Japan and at 700 Yakiniku restaurants around the world.
2.We can provide specialized expertise for Yakiniku restaurants, such as layouts that focus on traffic flow, efficient food service by staff, and others.
3.We are also familiar with business operations in China, including how to select a location, how to proceed with negotiations, and others. Preperations to open a Yakiniku restaurant differ from preperations to open a Chinese restaurant.


Business Marketing, sales, regular inspection and repair for Yakiniku grills/
Consulting for opening and operating Yakiniku restaurants

Business Hours: 8:30 - 17:30 (closed on weekends and national holidays)
Telephone 021-6278-9977 FAX 021-5234-0510
Address Room 6, Floor 13, Building A, Orient International Plaza, 85 Lou Shan Guan Road, Changning District, Shanghai
President Kiyohisa Yamada,
山田 清久 
Company Shinpo Trade Co., Ltd. (Capital: 70 million JPY)
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