Shinpo Co., Ltd. (Nagoya) has the No. 1 share of smokeless Yakiniku grills in Japan

Greasy odor---Unpleasant for both staff and customers
" I would like to enjoy Japanese BBQ even in a kimono."
With this customer comment, Shinpo launched the development of the smokeless grill.

Cutting-edge technology in smokeless grills
<Top Ring>
Exhaust temperature is reduced by sucking up floor air from the slit in the Top Ring to supress a rise of grill temparature and grease on the inner surface of grill. Cleaning is easy and safety is improved.
Enlarged View
≪Seven Advantages≫ 

Advantage 1 : Clothing is stain and odor-free → increase in female guests
The number of female guests who are concerned about odor and stains is steadily increasing. Fashion-conscious guests will not enjoy Yakiniku unless it is a clean and comfortable dining experience.
Advantage 2 : Grills quickly→ Guests order more dishes → Sales per guest increase.
As a result, sales per guest will increase. Shinpo grills heat food items thoroughly by wrapping them with hot air. Therefore, there is less uneven cooking and food can be cooked quickly to perfection. More orders come in, boosting sales.
Advantage 3 : Afternoon meetings → demand for lunch
Despite enthusiasm for getting through an afternoon meeting by gaining stamina with Yakiniku, it will be embarassing if someone drags Yakiniku odor into a meeting room. This also holds true when visiting clients. There are quite a few business people who would like to have Yakiniku for lunch if there is no worry about odor.
Advantage 4 : Guests cannot get burned → guests with children
There is no worry about being exposed to high temperatures and there is no hot air blowing up when grilling. The Top Ring does not get hot either, so families with babies and toddlers can use the grill free of worry. Of course, there is no need for adults to worry about getting burned or feeling excessively hot.
Advantage 5 : Hot-pot cuisine is possible → Groups
If there is only Yakiniku, some people may get tired of it; others simply don't like Yakiniku. With the Shinpo grill, that can accommodate hot-pot cuisine, guests have an another option. The needs of groups and parties can be satisfied.
Advantage 6 : Praise for grilling → Customer satisfaction
It is not easy to grill meat while eating and chatting. But with the Shinpo grill, guests will earn praise for grilling: "Thank you for cooking everything perfectly." When the meat is delicious, conversation becomes delightful.
Advantage 7 :High energy-efficiency → energy expenses decrease
Due to cutting-edge technology, energy efficiency is the best in the industry. There are quite a few customers who replaced their grills with Shinpo products for the purpose of reducing energy expenses as much as possible. As energy expenses are likely to rise in the future, this is a significant factor influencing management.

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