Shinpo Co., Ltd. (Nagoya) has the No. 1 share of smokeless Yakiniku grills in Japan

SERW-UL for North America SERW-CE for the EU SERW-CC for China

Shinpo's Business Policy:
1.The sales agent system was abolished in February, 2015. Shinpo provides accurate product information and ample market information directly to business owner.
2.Shinpo has direct dealings with business owners. Meetings with work supervisors and architects will be scheduled after the conclusion of a purchase agreement.
3.For all transactions, the full amount of the purchase must be paid in advance. Payment of the balance after delivery is not accepted.
4.Shinpo strongly recommends that business owners handle cleaning and grill maintenance on their own rather than outsourcing these tasks.
5.Shinpo aspires to build a win-win situation and a fair, long-term partnership with customers.

<North America>
In order for diners to enjoy Japanese BBQ free from hazards, a safe environment is essential.
Since sufficient safety measures are in place, customers can use Shinpo grills free of worry.

<Shinpo grills are installed in 19,500 restaurants in Japan and 1,100 eateries around the world.>
Shinpo was the first in the world to develop a smokeless grill.
Since the grills incorporate the essence of Japanese cutting-edge technology, 、
they are durable and generate high heat.
Succssful Japanese BBQ restaurant owners and managers around the world appreciate the features of Shinpo grills.
These prosperous eateries are the proof.

NikuNiku Seattle, USA, 2023/05/01
Like Steve Jobs, we pursue the fulfillment of customer needs and desires.
GAN HOO New York, USA, 2023/04/01
Delicious food is beautiful-- Their goal is to offer the best Omi beef without compromise.
ISHONI Seattle, USA, 2023/03/01
Yakiniku rejuvenates and warms the heart because it is grilled together (Ishoni) with loved ones.
TORAJI New York, USA, 2023/02/01
Yakiniku Toraji, located between the United Nations and Grand Central Station, flourishes thanks to the "best beef in New York."
BAHO, Taipei, Taiwan, 2019/11/18
Delicious food is beautiful-- Their goal is to offer the best Omi beef without compromise.

Maple Tree House Taipei, Taiwan 2019/9/30
A thirty-something chef-manager duo create an irresistible Korean BBQ restaurant that is a cut above the rest"

Niwa Restaurant Dallas, TX USA 2019/07/22
Food Lover, Jimmy Niwa Opens the First Japanese BBQ Restaurant in Dallas!

Yakiniku Yokocho Sydney, Australia 2019/5/07
28-year old opens up the kind of place he wants to visit. Showa retro-style is a hit in Sydney!
Ginza / Sydney, Australia 2019/03/04
Since its establishment in 2014, 8 brands created, and 16 shops opened.

Kobe Teppanyaki & BBQ Toronto, Canada 2019/1/15
1 person+1 person+1 person+1 person = One unbeatable team.
Chako Toronto, Canadaa 2018/11/19
We see the Yakiniku business as a promising and profitable way to concentrate our efforts.
Shinta Toronto, Canada 2018/09/03
All you can eat American, Australian, and Japanese WAGYU starting at CAD$70 per person.

Gyukaku Montreal, Canada 2018/05/25
Montreal's first J-BBQ "Gyu-Kaku" opened in August 2017
Gyubee, Toronto, Canada -2018/07/23
Full to Capacity every day: Store 1 in a residential area and Store 2 next to the university.

Wagyu Okrahoma City, USA 2018/03/19
First Smokeless BBQ Restaurant in Oklahoma City. Word is spreading on the net!

Gyukaku, Beijing, China -2018/01/28
We want to make the customer’s first experience at Japan’s Gyukaku to be unforgettable, and we want to expand that service all over China.

Woo Lae Oak Washington, D.C., USA 2017/11/20
Prized by locals in the Capitol area,
the restaurant hosts many heads of state.

Lodestone, Shenzhen, China -2017/07/18
Starting as the president of an advertising agency, and later finding success in his dream yakiniku restaurant in Shenzhen, China.

COTE, New York, USA -2017/09/18
COTE = Surprisingly exquisite aged beef
+ Japanese style grilling
+ a complement of Korean specialty dishes.

Kauberu, Barcelona, Spain -2017/05/29
At the sixth store, guests can enjoy
the pleasure of cooking for themselves.

YAKIYAN Los Angeles, USA -2017/03/21
Panda Restaurant Group opens
Yakiniku restaurant in Los Angeles!

Kanpai Classic, Shanghai, China -2017/1/10
"From the movement I heard about the publication of the Shanghai Edition of the Michelin Guide, we set our sights on achieving that great distinction."

Yakiniku-Douwa, Hsinchu, Taiwan -2016/11/21
Planning to open 5 stores in Taipei and 20 in Taiwan  as well as 24 other Cafe operations in the US.

Shonichi-do, Taichung, Taiwan -2016/09/05
With sake barrels hanging from a six-meter high ceiling, a more than 300-seat fine dining restaurant opened in Taichung!

WagyuOne,Melbourne, Australia -2016/07/04
An authentic Japanese BBQ restaurant serving Australian Wagyu beef opens in Melbourne!
'The 'One' in " Wagyu One, " the restaurant name, stands for "One and Only" - not found anywhere else.

Kaisen Ichiba,Taichung,Taiwan -2016/05/8
A High-end restaurant opened at a prime location in Taichung with stiff competition for the Japanese BBQ business.
"Because this location is so good, I did not want to let competitors get it. I really want to succeed here."

Motto,Taichung,Taiwan -2016/03/14
What made the president, who opened 120 outlets in ten years, purchase Shinpo grills in bulk?
INKISM International Group with annual revenue of 14,580,000 U.S. dollars.

Kobe Wagyu, Sydney, Australia -2016/01/25
The largest Japanese BBQ restaurant in Sydney, opened in Chinatown on December 20th, 2015.
Walter Yao (33 years old), is the youngest among four owners. He is from Fuzhou, China and studied marketing at a university in Australia.

Heat, Macau China - 2015/11/24
Rivals can't duplicate Heat's system
Diners enjoy stand-up meals in a casual setting with imported beef as well as crabs and lobsters fresh from a fish tank.

Yakiniku Tatsujin, Shanghai China - 2015/09/28
Without the development of employees, the company would not prosper.
A Yakiniku restaurant has opened in Shanghai. It executes perfectly what is expected and provides more detailed Japanese-style service.

Barbecue Japonais, Paris France-2015/08/02
Twenty years on the Champs-Elysees: What makes Japonais popular?
We have prepared the dishes meticulously with great care. .

Toriko, Lausanne Switzerland - 2015/06/02
Invigorating the world's best and brightest with Yakiniku, the dreams of an Egyptian entrepreneur will come true this summer!
Mr. Michael, who speaks four languages and owns ten companies, will launch a Yakiniku business.

Good Cow, Sūzhōu China - 2015/04/02
Work nurtures and motivates employees,
and customers sense the enthusiam of staff.
I studied basic culinary skills under a Japanese chef. I still visit him frequently to learn other techniques and create new menu items.

Wagyu Ya, Melbourne Australia -2015/02/10
How a couple with no experience in the Yakiniku business made their restaurant the most popular eatery in the area.
The owners - Emily, 26, used to work in the cosmetics business and Roy, 38, was a barber.

Umai 2, Taichu Taiwan - 2014/12/15
Great success at Umai's second restaurant with tables turned over five times a day. What is the secret?
The restaurant the highest priority on meeting customer expectations.

Sura Korean Cuisine, Vancouver Canada
- 2014/10/10
Mr. Kim took the bold step to diversify his business and opened his second restaurant specializing in Yakiniku.
Opening a second restaurant would test his management skills as a young entrepreneur.

Han Yang Won, Hong Kong, China
- 2014/05/19

Six buffet-style Yakiniku restaurants branches
in Hong Kong, a gourmand battleground.

The recipe for success is a tight-knit group of five venture capitalists. They are close and respect one another.

Yoshi, Shenzhen China - 2014/02/20
Reputation has spread by word of mouth.
A promising start - table turnover is 4 times a day.
He has planned to open the first Yakiniku restaurant in Sea World, a gourmet park.

Sariwon, Seoul, South Korea - 2013/11/30
Bulgogi is served with wine. The new menu of a renowned restaurant won high marks.
t is not easy to nurture a family business into an established brand. Mr. Rah, the 50 year-old president has realized this difficult task.

Umai, Taichung, Taiwan - 2013/10/24
This popular restaurant has a turn over of five times a day. What is the key to success?
When we visited in July, 2013, the bustling restaurant was packed with diners throughout the day.

Sorabol, Hong Kong, China - 2013/08/23
Being listed in the Michelin Guide (2011 and 2013) with a "fork and knife" designation was a reward for our efforts to pursue the essence of Korean cuisine.

Anno Farm, Fuzhou City, China
- 2013/06/09
"Restaurant with the best quality & hospitality in China" The dream of an exchange student in Japan comes true five years later.
April 3, 2007--- Ms. Li began a part-time job at a Yakiniku restaurant that changed her life.

Kanpai, Taipei, Taiwan - 2013/01/15
1. People are still queuing up at 9:00 pm on a Saturday night.
2. Staff enjoy the festive atmosphere, in Kanpai's own style.
3.Guests are energized from the conviviality.

Gyukaku, Hong Kong, China - 2012/10/30
A packed restaurant with guests waiting in a queue is nothing unusual.
Gyu-Kaku opened 6 restaurants in Hong Kong in just one year and Shinpo grills are used all of the eateries. .

Asahi Beer Garden in Sapporo - 2011/12/13
Conquering The Three Major Beer Gardens in Sapporo: The reality of being "The Best in Japan"
Hokkaido has become a popular destination for Chinese due to the successful movie "If You Are the One." I went to Sapporo, capital of Hokkaido, on business in November. .

Ambrosia, Shanghai, China - 2011/06/20
Celebrities in Shanghai flock to high-class restaurants. Elegance, cleanliness, and satisfaction.
Diners enjoy stand-up meals in a casual setting with imported beef as well as crabs and lobsters fresh from a fish tank.
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