Shinpo Co., Ltd. (Nagoya) has the No. 1 share of smokeless Yakiniku grills in Japan.
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Hong Kong
Mr. Ryan, Assistant Manager / Mr. Sai, the restaurant manager
Gyu-Kaku opened five restaurants in Hong Kong in just one year. Being extremely popular, packed restaurants and long lines are a common sight. Mr. Sai, the restaurant manager, praised Shinpo , saying "The grills can be heated uniformly. Thanks to easy heat control, fewer components, and a simple structure, employees can understand how to handle these grills." Mr. Ryan, the assistant regional manager, remarked positively, "it is dangerous to buy equipment simply because it is cheap. Shinpo grills are never expensive from the long term perspective." For successful restaurants, maintenance is crucial because of frequent use. Having no breakdowns is an essential factor for increasing sales.


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Hong Kong
Owner, Ms. Choi, SOROBOL

I am very glad that my restaurant received high marks from guests and is listed by Michelin and "The best One Hundred Restaurants in Hong Kong." Thanks to the favorable review, we have numerous celebrities as guests, such as movie actors, popular singers, and politicians. With Shinpo grills, many guests can enjoy Yakiniku in a relaxing mood. When I first thought about buying Shinpo grills, some people advised me not to buy them because they are expensive. But I knew by intuition that I made the right choice.


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Hong Kong
Mr. Joo, business executive, Myunga
Shinpo grills are used at famous restaurants in South Korea, which is the home of Yakiniku. Three Myunga shops in Hong Kong use Shinpo grills because the manager of the restaurant did not want to spoil the prestigious brand image of the eatery. How do guests feel with smoke and greasy odor the moment they enter the restaurant? Shinpo grills suck up smoke sufficiently and heat control is easy and accurate. There are no problems for guests such as flames fizzling out or being too strong. We have used Shinpo grills for almost three years and we have had no break-downs.


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Hong Kong <Easy to clean>
Since most of the parts of Shinpo grills can be disassembled easily, daily cleaning is a cinch. We run the restaurant with a limited number of employees, and I appreciate this feature at busy times. Sloppy cleaning will result in an unpleasant experience for guests. Employees are grateful since unnecessary work is eliminated. Workers look happier and the job turnover rate has dropped.
China <Each part is safe.>
Our previous grills from another maker had parts with sharp edges and our employees got cut during cleaning. The Shinpo grill is well-finished, and even the details are carefully made. I really feel that Shinpo places the highest priority on users. I believe this is very important when thinking about employees who clean the grills every day. The level of service for guests is up to our employees. Eliminating their anxiety and burdens as much as possible will directly lead to improvements in service and guest satisfaction.
China <To be the most popular restaurant in the area>
Since this was the first time to run a Yakiniku restaurant, I was clueless, however, I received a variety of advice from Shinpo's marketing staff and could open the restaurant. This experience made me realize that Shinpo is the No. 1 maker of smokeless grills in Japan. At the same time, I learned that the popularity of the restaurant can be earned not only by the grills alone but also synergy among meat, sauce, and service. From the opening of the establishment, I have been meticulously implementing valuable tips from Shinpo, and we have become the most popular eatery in area. I am grateful to Shinpo's marketing attitude, which not only sells grills but also cares about our business success.
South Korea <There is no mistake with Shinpo. I will choose Shinpo for my next restaurant. >
I had heard of Shinpo grills but could not afford them. But the previous grills from a local maker frequently broke down, and this was a headache. In the long run, I replaced them with Shinpo grills, which cooked food quickly and to perfection. This increased sales and employees were happy that troublesome tasks were eliminated. If I had chosen Shinpo from the beginning, I would not have had to pay for unnecessary repairs. Everything is going smoothly now, so I will choose Shinpo for my next restaurant.
<The ultimate grill by Shinpo>
Because of the strong heat, a Shinpo grill cooks food quickly. Since guests don't have to wait long, their appetite is stimulated further. Orders increase, and so do sales. Timing is everything for dining. If guests have to wait, their interest wanes, and ordering becomes troublesome. Being able to eat when they want to makes Yakiniku tastes even better.
Hong Kong <The grill is durable and enviromentally-friendly.
Although I've replaced parts, I've been using Shinpo grills for 12 years. Considering the longevity of the product, it was a bargain. In addition, long use means less industrial waste and a smaller impact on the environment. These dependable grills are truly environmentally-friendly.
<Outstanding design!>
When I bought Korean-made grills, there were no instructions for installing exhaust ducts. I felt that the maker wanted to just sell the grills. In reality, the smoke was not sucked out sufficiently and we had redo the ducts many times. This turned out to be "penny-wise, pound-foolish." Shinpo investigated the characteristics of the site to find the optimum duct design, so I could proceed with worry-free installation work. The difference in product price per unit was nothing compared to the expenses for re-doing the duct system. Failure of just one installation will teach you this lesson. It is a hidden cost that you cannot perceive when comparing quotes.
China <Concerns about fire>
Since we use fire in a hall everyday, a fire breaking out is our biggest concern. With Shinpo grills equipped with double and triple safety devices, I can run the restaurant free of worry.
Hong Kong <No.1 selling smokeless grill in Japan>
I believe that being number one in the industry is significant. That cannot be achieved without considerable reliability. You never know about products until you actually use them. But frequent breakdowns will harm sales and inconvenience guests. Therefore, I chose Shinpo, which holds the top share, with the same mentality of queuing up at tasty ramen shop.
USA <Recommended by a Japanese friend >
I have been living in the States for 10 years. When my sushi restauant started running smoothly, the Japanese food boom arrived. When I asked my friend if there were any new Japanese food trends, he said Yakiniku. I thought Yakiniku was a Korean dish, however, Japanese-style Yakiniku is extremely popular in Japan so I started a Japanese BBQ and chose Shinpo grills which were the most reliable.
South Korea <Quality and performance is reasonable for the price.>
Rather than initial investment, I placed priority on cost effectiveness which I believe to be the foundation of a restaurant business. I focus on thinking of reasons why a product is expensive or inexpensive. If the product can prove itself, capital recovery is up to guests. After using Shinpo grills in reality, I'm convinced that I was right. Their technical capability and mantenance services are the reasons for the price. You will know this if you use them. Thanks to Shinpo grills, I can open the restaurant everyday without worry. Some of my friends closed their restaurant for being "penny-wise and pound-foolish." For food service, it is too risky to focus too much on price, since you may rob guests of a pleasant dining experience.
USA <Came across a Shinpo grill at a Yakiniku restaurant in Japan.
I visited Japan about five yeays ago to attend a friend's wedding. We went to a Yakiniku restaurant for a post-wedding party. At that time, Yakiniku was booming, and used to be a luxury, but as beef became more reasonable, Yakiniku became affordable for everyone. Yakiniku is inexpensive, but still delicious. Impressed, when I looked down, I saw Shinpo's label.
Hong Kong <I heard about Shinpo at a restaurant.
I ran a ramen shop for about ten years, but I was looking for another food service business with bigger profits. There was a popular Yakiniku restaurant in the center of town. I went to this restaurant for research and they were using Shinpo grills. There was no smoke, meat was cooked tenderly, and family members were content. As I observed their happy faces, a light bulb went off: This is my new business. Since I had no experience with a Yakiniku restaurant, I started by imitating popular eateries and chose Shinpo without any hesitation.
<"Because it's made in Japan">
Although I'm French, my car is Honda, my camera is Nikon, and my TV is Sony. I'm a big fan of Japanese products with high performance and fewer breakdowns. Therefore, choosing Japanese grills was natural. Parisian guests were pleased that their clothes were not stained with grease and their hair did not catch any odor. Even couples can enjoy Yakiniku in a romantic atmosphere thanks to smokeless grills.
<Korean grills frequently broke, causing me many problems.>
About two years ago, a Japanese group of 12 came to my restaurant on a business mission to wrap up their tour. At that time, all the grills were made in South Korea, however, I prepared four grills but two of them broke. One unit did not have sufficient heat and could not cook. Another grill didn't suck up the smoke well, and the restaurant became smoky and smelly. The Japanese guests commented "I was really looking forward to enjoying Yakiniku," but this did not happen. It is engraved in my mind that breakdowns are the largest management risk.
<The sales rep's manners were great on the telephone.>
A quote came within a week. At that time, a Shinpo sales rep gave sincere advice about operating a Yakiniku restaurant and cooking tips. I got advice that cannot be bought. Although Shinpo grills are not cheap, I chose Shinpo taking into consideration after-sales and expecting a return on my investment. It has been four years but the grills have never let me down.
South Korea <Shinpo is listed on the stock market and reliable. >
Management at the manufacturer of my previous grills became unstable and the sales rep in charge of my restaurant quit the company. Their repair service was sloppy and slow. When I was searching the Web, I found Shinpo, which has the number one share of smokeless grills in Japan. The sales rep has worked for Shinpo for more than five years, and the company releases their statement of accounts on a Website on a regular basis. Thanks to stable management and sincere sales reps, I bought 30 grills.

<I gave up on other grills because they were difficult to use.>
I often saw guests bending down under the table while trying to use the control panel. It was also terrible to make women get into that position, and they were lucky if they found the control panel. If it was troublesome for guests to find the control panel, they would call over staff. Grills that are hard to use for guests can be a burden on the restaurant. It was difficult to wash the grease off the grills, the staff hated them and they were annoying for guests, empoyees, and management. They were a lose, lose, lose proposition. I was glad that I ventured to replace them with state-of-the-art smokeless grills so now it's win, win, win.
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