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Poducts on the market by regions (models)
the EU and North Ameica SRW, SPRW, SKRW, SSRW, SERW, KPRS
(Products for the EU have obtained CE certification and products for the United States have obtained ETL certification.)
Shinpo's grilling technology has earned the highest marks in Japan.

<Hot air-wrap method: >
Cooks by laminar air flowing around food items.

Table-top size, color, edge designs and others can be customized to match a customer's restauant interior.

<Slim slide control panel>
A 20 mm thin control panel design permits easy and free access to the control unit and minimizes obstructions under the table.

<Super Net> (optional)
The ultimate net with the features of both a net grill and an iron grill.

<Safety device for dying flames>
An ultra-violet sensor detects flames. Gas is automatically shut off in the event of any failure on the burner flame.

<Thermal sensor>
A buzzer goes off when the temperature of the main body of the unit becomes higher than normal and the gas is automatically shut off.

<Fire Damper>
This closes the lid automatically to prevent fire from getting into the exhaust duct.

A slim design with a 28 cm width that ensures structual strength with rib angle.

Food is cooked by hot air circulating around it and will not get dried out. Food stays delicious and juicy. Exhaust temperature is reduced by sucking up floor air from the slit in the Top Ring to supress a rise of grill temperrature and grease on the inner surface of grill. Cleaning is easy and safety is improved.

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Gas only. This is an energy-efficient model that lowers fuel consumption and cooling load. Yakiniku, hot-pot dishes, and sukiyaki can be enjoyed at the same time.

Gas only. This model cooks food items thorougly using radiant heat of the hot plate and is widely used to grill Yakiniku, steak, and seafood.

 Are there any restrictions on calorific values of gas and pressure?

Gas only. Infrared heat from ceramic charcoal cooks food items to perfection, just like a real charcoal grill. Since no real charcoal is used, running costs are decreased.

Charcoal and gas. With double radiated heat from charcoal and infrared heat, this model brings out the exquisite flavor of food items.

Electric only. Durability is enhanced due to the corrosion-resistant alloy sheathed heater. This model is ideal for restauants on upper floors or in basements of high-rise buildings where gas cannot be used.

This portable model requires no duct installation and the table layout can be easily changed according to the number of guests.

Guests may frequently reach for the control panels, including adjusting the heat. Shinpo has drastically downsized this important but troublesome device. With a thickness of just two centimeters, it is the thinnest in the industry, and is not a bother for guests to use. The gauge is designed to be easy to see so that guests can make minute heat adjustments. This is Shinpo's unique technology that allows guests to enjoy their dining experience.  

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Shinpo products in North America meet ETL specifications. Please contact Shinpo directly for details.
Required Static Pressure 176Pa 176Pa 137Pa 216Pa 186Pa
Exhaust Air Volume 5.0㎡/min 5.0㎡/min 5.0㎡/min 5.5㎡/min 5.0㎡/min
Intake Air Volume 5.0㎡/min 5.0㎡/min 5.0㎡/min 5.5㎡/min 5.0㎡/min
Power Requirements AC100V~240V 5W 15W AC200V 2kW
Air Conditioning Load -
City Gas 3.26kW 3.25kW 2.91kW 2.91kW
LP Gas 3.14kW 3.14kW 2.93kW 2.93kW
Gas Connector End R1/2 or Rubber House


Plate Grill

Crimp Grill

Super Net

Iron Grill


Bulgogi Pan

Hot-Pot Trivet

Net Grill Holder

Iron Grill Holder

Pot Holder

Grill Carrier

Grill Mobile Rack

Charcoal Basket

Grease Filter

Charcoal Stove

Charcoal Extinguisher

Charcoal Carrier

Charcoal Tong

Charcoal Pan

There are two types: under-floor piping and above-floor piping. Installation of exhaust ducts can be done in accordance with site conditions. The grill unit is connected to exhaust ducts using a "connection tube." By mounting a spring inside the tube, the gap in the installed ducts can be easily adjusted.  
Unless exhaust volume, static pressure, and air speed of the grill table are adjusted appropriately in accordance with restaurant, food items will become dehydrated and there will be a large loss in cooling. Shinpo proposes exhaust duct design perceiving smokeless grill ventilation and cooling as one unit. We offer duct systems with outstanding energy-saving performance, safety, and efficiency.    
   Does Shinpo design exhaust duct systems?
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