Shinpo Co., Ltd. (Nagoya) has the No. 1 share of smokeless Yakiniku grills in Japan.
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Reasons for being the No. 1 smokeless grill in the Japanese market:

Reason 1: Thorough after-sales service

Shinpo focuses on the relationship with a customer after the purchase of our grills rather than before the purchase. Since grill performance and the proper function of exhaust ducts are directly connected to the restaurant's reputation and safety, Shinpo provides frequent maintenance after purchase.


Reason 2: Fewer breakdowns
Since grills are used everyday, breakdowns and grill defects will keep guests away. Grill design that rarely breaks down and performance that meets expectations are Shinpo's forte.      Who will repair the grills in the event of a breakdown? Will an engineer come from Japan or is there an engineer stationed in China?

Reason 3: Thanks to the small amount of fatty grease on the Inner
Casing, daily cleaning is easy. There is little grease on the inner surface of the grill, making daily cleaning a cinch. This is because it is hard for grease to adhere to the inner surface by creating a layer of air in the exhaust space between the Inner Casing and the Outer Casing. Daily cleaning is not insignificant.
Because the drying pan can be easily removed from the Inner Casing, cleaning is easy. This is a user-friendly feature found only in Shinpo grills.

Reason 4: Health-consciousness, energy-saving, and eco-friendliness:
Anticipating the needs of the times In addition to safe and easy use, a Shinpo grill is a human- and enviromentally-friendly product that can slash initial costs and running costs, pursuing further energy-saving performance.    

Reason 5: Mouth-watering dishes prepared on a Shinpo grill
Guests will not be satisfied unless three elements are in perfect harmony: meat + sauce + the grill = Yakiniku. If the meat is unsatisfactorily cooked, precious food items and the chef's skill will be wasted. Under the theme of a "Grilling Culture," Shinpo has been in pursuit of savoriness.    
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