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The following are the three major reasons to recommend Yakiniku. In China, where individual consumption is going to increase, the advantage of the Yakiniku business will be a big help for restaurant managers. It will only take a minute, so please read to the end.

Reason 1: As people become more affluent, they have a craving for beef.

<Relation between income and beef consumption>
Around 1955, personal income in Japan began to surge. At the same time, consumption of beef also began to increase. Previously, pork was more popular, but interest in beef soared because it made Japanese consumers feel wealthy. A similar trend will likely occur in China.


Reason 2: Yakiniku restaurants keep rising labor costs in check.
<Comparison with a Chinese restaurant>
An advantage of Yakiniku is that you can prepare the food in advance. If meat is cut and marinated in the sauce at lulls in business, the restaurant can serve guests no matter how many people are dining. Labor costs can be lower than Chinese restaurants, where food is prepared as an order comes into the kitchen. In the future, salaries for workers will increase in China, and this will be a headache for managers. This efficient use of time is a reason why many Yakiniku restaurants are opened in Japan.
   Is it possible to observe a Yakiniku restaurant kitchen run by a few employees? → A video showing a restaurant in Sapporo is available (7 minutes).

Reason 3: Yakiniku is popular because it is healthier than steak
<Although both Yakiniku and steak are meat dishes….>
A drawback of steak is that the portion is fixed and it is often too much. Since Yakiniku meat is thinly sliced and cut into easy bite-size morsels, guests can control how much to eat. Overeating is not a concern.
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