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Top message

Since our founding, the Shinpo Group has
consistently strived to develop a grilled
food culture, and will continue to further
pursue this goal.

In addition to the smokeless grill business, we will continue to lead the industry as a total system by paying attention to the recent social issues of “ventilation,” “environment,” “air-conditioning” and “saving energy” in the restaurant.

We have a lot of know-how in the design and construction of air-conditioning and ventilation equipment, exhaust deodorizing and smoke-eliminating systems and computerized air-conditioning and energy-saving control systems, and send them to the market as a business.

In addition, we have designed and developed smokeless cooking equipment that can be moved anywhere without worrying about odors or smoke, and we are serving as a cooking innovation with our high-value smokeless rolling grills that achieve that “live feel” by grilling in front of customers.

We will leverage the know-how we have cultivated, expecting them to be used in fields other than yakiniku restaurants in the future.

In addition, in order to put our corporate philosophy into practice on the ground, we will constantly working on developing new products that are needed by the world, under thorough quality control, and strive to be useful to our customers and local communities.
We will also strengthen our prompt reception of 24-hour after-sales service to ensure that customers are happy.
Furthermore, we will use our management resources to grow into a company with profitability, productivity, safety, and potential for growth.
In the future, we will focus on expanding into new markets such as Asia and North America, while better meeting the needs of domestic users, and we will work together with our domestic distributors and dealers and our overseas subsidiaries to become a global company.

President and CEO
Norihiko Ando

01What goal is Shinpo is aiming for?
Our founders built this industry, and the former president built our independence. To inherit this legacy and move forward, I believe it is important for all staff members to be united. Shinpo currently has about 100 staff members, and the organization is broadly divided into 10 departments with overseas subsidiaries. We will aim to be a company where “All staff members will challenge themselves to achieve the same objectives and goals to make Shinpo a place where everyone can share the joy and achievement of each and every individual’s dream, ” by clearly presenting objectives and goals that may become blurred when the number of staff increases.
02What are Shinpo’s strengths?
Of course, our strength lies in our high value products (total support covering everything from shop operations to products), but as a pioneer and manufacturer of smokeless roasters, this is not so special. Therefore, our biggest strength other than this should be the human power of individuality with the sales department at the head. There are two types of individuality: One is born with a person, and the other is cultivated through work, but the individualities of our staff is clearly the latter. You will see how Shinpo is a company that offers various experiences to staff.
03What are Shinpo’s medium-to-long-term goals?
I believe that we are trusted by many customers based on the spirit of customer service that we have inherited and cultivated since the company was founded. Shinpo helped make yakiniku a national dish in Japan through the smokeless grill, and we also owe a lot to our predecessors in the industry. While there are differences in the history, customs, and food cultures of different countries, everyone likes delicious food. We would like to further promote Japanese yakiniku, a national Japanese dish that is eaten grilled, to the rest of the world through our Overseas Division and subsidiaries. We have set out a policy to increase the proportion of sales from overseas markets such as Taiwan and Hong Kong from the current 10% to 20% in four years’ time, while protecting the domestic market, and have shared this policy with all staff members. As well as expanding yakiniku cuisine around the world, I hope that Shinpo will also develop globally.
  • We serve our customers.
  • We contribute to society.
  • Make the company prosperous.
Our Vision
We strive to do good work, create good products,
and provide the best service in order to share our happiness with our customers.
We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and helping them to connect and prosper.
And we will continue to contribute to the local community.