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Portable Stoves
Table Gas Grills

You can enjoy both yakiniku and hot pot dishes!
Simple and compact Portable Stoves and Table Gas Grills

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This is

Portable Stove



Portable gas stove
*Grilling net is not included


This is

Fixed Stove



Fixed gas stove
*Table is not included


This is

Squared Table Gas Grill



Compact, easy-to-clean Squared Table Gas Grill is now available!
*Grilling net is not included


  • SPRTⅡ/1WJ Portable and fixed stove
  • Squared table gas grill
Set the grilling net and put it on the Portable Stove

The new radiant hot plate grills the food softly and juicily. φ 280 net can be used.
*Grilling net is not included.

Set the hot pot trivet and put it on the stove for hot pot

Just remove the radiant plate and set the hot pot trivet to become a stove for hot pot dishes.
*The grill holder and hot pot trivet are not included.
*The hot pot is not included with this product.

Easy to care for. Easy to clean

Nickel-plating applied for increased durability! It is also easy to clean away dirtiness. It can be cleaned in a short time, so labor costs are also reduced.

Two types of baking surfaces to choose from! Delicious and juicy baking!

Gaz fire cooks ingredients softly and succulently. Both “net” and “rostle” can be used.

Compact appearance and easy to clean.

Its compact size makes it easy to clean.


Model Name SPRTⅡ/1WJ
Net Dimensions 280φ
Model Name SP6T
Net Dimensions 222㎜×172㎜

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