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Work contents

“We are not just a smokeless grill company.”
“Our mission is to use our know-how to support highly popular restaurants.
We are always striving to bring grills that not only “grill deliciously and safely,”
but also with “no smoke,” and creating a better “grilled food culture.”

Sales of Smokeless Grills


Shinpo’s basic business is aimed at developing grilled food culture.

Since its launch in 1980, we have been working on the design, development, and manufacture of the smokeless grill series that can be used by many customers with a priority of making food delicious, safe and easy to handle.

Sales of Smokeless Cooking Equipment

*Japan domestic only

Developing smokeless cooking equipment for various dishes.

We design, develop, and sell a wide range of cookware utilizing smokeless technology, including smokeless rolling grills without odor or smoke that can be installed anywhere.

Sales of Energy-saving Air-Conditioning Systems

*Japan domestic only

Air-conditioning business that strives to save energy to make the in-store environment more comfortable.

We use our own technology to centrally manage the air supply, exhaust air, and air-conditioning inside the restaurant, achieving a comfortable environment inside the restaurant through time and cost savings. We also contribute to the global environment by developing energy-saving technologies.

Sales of Smoke Exhaustion and Deodorizing Systems

*Japan domestic only

Smoke exhaustion and deodorizing business to solve problems with odor.

We develop and sell systems to solve problems with odor and smoke in the neighborhood. We aim to be an environmentally friendly company by supporting clean restaurants amid growing concerns about environmental issues.

Rental service for Grill Net Cleaning

*Japan domestic only

We promise to always deliver clean grill net. A service that friendly both to restaurants and the environment.

We will deliver and rent out our original grill Net to the customer. After use, simply send us your net and we will send you a clean one. A service that is friendly to people and the environment, saving time and effort and eliminating the need for disposable meshes.

Overseas sales of Smokeless Grills


Acquired major safety certifications from around the world*.

Under the slogan “Yakiniku is the world’s special dinner,” we introduced the world to yakiniku culture. We use our experience and know-how to support highly popular restaurants. * U.S., China, Europe, and Australia

Parts sales


A wide range of products from consumable parts to product parts.

Smokeless grills include various consumables such as gas components and safety devices. When you order from us, we will immediately respond and deliver replacement parts in the shortest time possible.

Product repairs

*Japan domestic only

There’s no need to worry in the event of a breakdown. We support yakiniku restaurants 24 hours a day.

We have a support system available by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in case of any malfunctions such as poor ignition, unusual noises or odors discovered during business hours or when opening the restaurant. Depending on the situation, a maintenance staff member will visit you for repairs.

Duct cleaning

*Japan domestic only

Cleans grease stains inside the ducts. Keeps the restaurant safe.

By cleaning exhaust ducts, which are one of the causes of smoke inhalation and duct fires, you can welcome your customers to a safe, secure, and comfortable environment. (We recommend regular cleaning of exhaust ducts.)